A Good Man is

...not so hard to find!
I hate to use the blog for self-promotion, but sometimes it's necessary to toot your own horn or that of someone you love..  My boyfriend, Amir Omar, has been nominated and selected as a finalist for One Man Dallas, an organization promotes and urges young men in the community to devote their time and efforts to volunteerism.  Currently, young men are out numbered in volunteerism by young women five to one and One Man's mission is to not only promote the guys and their respective bodies of work, but also to highlight charitable community events.  The 21 finalists will organize and host a service project benefiting each of their 21 charities.  Based on those events, a panel interview, and online voting, the winner will be chosen on May 10th at the final event held at ALoft in downtown Dallas.  The winner will receive some perks, but the winner's charity will receive a $2500 cash donation.

Amir's charity is the Methodist Richardson Cancer Center, home to the Lance Armstrong Shape Beam Surgery.  Having been personally touched by cancer, Amir feels strongly about his cause.  His service project will be a tree planting at the cancer center that will serve as a tribute grove to those who have been impacted by this wonderful place.  In support of the Cancer Should Not Have the Last Word Campaign, the tree planting will be Sunday May 6th at 10am.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Amir's dedication to his community is incredibly admirable and selfless and I can't imagine a better person to win this award.  Please consider going to http://www.onemandallas.com/ to cast your vote for him and for the Cancer Center.  You can read his profile to see just a few of the many causes he is involved with.  Votes are considered daily, one per email, so vote often!  He is tireless in his efforts and I am so blessed and proud to have him in my life.



Color Consultation

My sweet friend Crysti messaged me a couple days ago with a styling 911 on this super cute linen skirt from Gap.  She had a few concerns, one being that she wasn't crazy about the waist and also that the color was tough for her.  Now, I'm pretty brave when it comes to wearing bright colors and prints, but I realize that not everyone subscribes to my taste.  I tried to stay within reason price-wise and include basics that we all have in our closets (denim, stripes, animal print).  I am guilty of throwing in a couple wacky things (the Reed sandals for Date Night make me absolutely cray-cray!).  All in all, I feel like each look, accessories included, could be mixed and matched to make 10 looks or so. 

By the way, Crysti is a wonderful wife, mommy to Emery, and blogger.  Visit her blog, We Hatched a Miracle, to read her about her struggles and triumphs with infertility and mommyhood!

So, onto the looks:  First, I did a look for drinks with the girls, shopping, etc.  I like the edge that the skull bracelets and the detailing on the bag bring to the otherwise girly pallet.  Everyone should have a striped tee or lightweight sweater in their wardrobe because it goes with absolutely everything and looks effortlessly chic.  Mine is from H&M and although I can't link to it, it's part of their basics line and is $12.99 (saw it in the store last week).The leopard wedges throw a bit of print into the mix and the watch keeps everything classic.  You could also layer the chambray shirt like a jacket over the stripes for a more casual look.

Skirt: Brooks Brothers (no longer available, but this one is $12.80 and comes with a friggin' belt!)
Top: Gap (no longer avail. but great alternative here)
Wedges: Sam Edelman
Earrings: Kendra Scott
Watch: Geneva, $20!
Belt: Topshop
Bracelets: Z Designs

 Next, I pictured Crysti at the park with Emery or just hanging out with her husband and family.  I could not be a bigger proponent of Sperry's and even though I totally turned my nose up at them until recently, they are the most comfortable shoes and comes is a bazillion colors and styles.  Original Rayban aviators are a great investment because they flatter every face shape and make you look super cool Top Gun style.  Switch out the Sperry's for the Sam Edelman wedges above and the Minkoff bag and you are immediately zhushed up for a movie or dinner!
 Skirt: here's another option for $19.80
Top: Old Navy
Earrings: Kate Spade
Glasses: Rayban
Bag: Gap
Belt: Fada
Bracelets: Full Tilt, OMG $6!

Finally, my favorite look is this Date Night look, basically because these are BBB shoes (bad, bad bitch)!  I'm obsessed with Reed Krakoff's bags right now and his footwear line is reasonably priced for a salon shoe ($325) compared to many others.  I added the cobalt for something a little different and to show that it goes with coral/salmon beautifully.  You could easily remove the jacket and wear either the Sperry's or the leopard wedges with the skirt, white tee, and cobalt accessories.  Likewise, this would be an easy work look with more conservative shoes and a bigger tote, then just switch out with heels and blue accessories for Happy Hour.

Skirt: Chiffon Tutu version here! LOVE
Blazer: G by Guess, great price!
Heels: Reed Krakoff
Earrings: Marc by Marc
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Madewell

Crysti, I hope this helps at least get you on the right track with the skirt.  I also think it would look great with a grey/gold mix, fuchsia, and a more intense mint (blouse instead of accessories).

All this happy hour talk has me wantin' a margarita.  See y'all tomorrow!



Design in Fashion

With a new home in mind, it's always my train of thought that design follows fashion and vice-versa.  Before our weekend in Scottsdale, I visited J.Crew with the intention of purchasing the Big Shot dress for the rehearsal dinner.  Imagine my surprise when it was marked down 50% and then I got an extra 30% for final sale.  I was absolutely thrilled and felt like Betty Draper, pre weight gain and nervous breakdown.  Now that the weekend is over and we are headed back to Dallas early in the morning, I can get back into house mode.  Don't worry, I won't forget an outfit post in this dress.  It's way too fabulous!


How fabulous is that mirror, by the way?  Hello DIY!



Buttoned up

I'm in Scottsdale right now for a little R&R and my mother's wedding, so until I get enough energy to rise from my pool chair, you guys are gonna get a few outfits from the past that didn't make the cut for one reason or another (rain, bad hair day, PMS, all of the above).

I'm not a giant fan of the buttoned up all the way to the neck collar.  It's uncomfortable and maybe I have a big neck or something, but I feel like I'm choking.  I looooooooove this skirt from Zara and for some reason decided to button up the collar on this silk shirt.  I think it's cute and it works, but only because the skirt is a little quirky and so are the shoes (i die over these, top 5 favorite shoes, ever).  I'm more of a preppy pop my collar type of girl I guess, but I adore all of the collar necklaces that are out.  Maybe that's a better solution for me.  

What do y'all think?  Do you button it up all the way?

Shirt: J.Crew
Skirt: Zara
Bag: J.Crew Tillary (no longer available)
Shoes: Ann Taylor (old)
Glasses: Prada Baroque
Cuff: H&M (love this one!)
Bracelet: vintage Hermes



Just breathe...

This weekend went by like a whirlwind and it's already Monday... again!  The bridal shower was a huge success (pictures soon) and I now have a home under contract!  YAY!  So excited :)  I've got two days to get through inspections and then I'm headed to Scottsdale for the wedding on Wednesday.

I fell so in love the the floral print pants (last sen here) at H&M that I also purchased the tunic in the same print.  My idea was to use it as a swimsuit cover-up since it's so long, but I love it paired with white boyfriend jeans and leopard print (duh).

Tunic: H&M
Jacket: H&M
Jeans: Old Navy
Bag: Urban Expressions (old, but this one is adorable and $40!)
Heels: Banana Republic Mad Men Collection (similar)
Rings: H&M, Beyond the Door
Necklace: Nashelle
Bracelets: Target (pearls), SLL (wrap)
Flower Pin: H&M (similar)

Happy Monday, y'all!




I've had this dress from J.Crew for a few months now and it's one of the few items that I've bought at full price.  I absolutely love it because all I have to do is switch up the accessories and it's a totally different look.  Today, I paired it with a vintage necklace that I picked up at my favorite antique haunt and leopard heels.  Simple enough right?  It easily goes casual by putting a denim shirt underneath, adding a belt, and throwing on a pair of Sperry's.  

 Dress: J.Crew, similar for $27!
Bag: J.Crew
Shoes: Ralph Lauren, similar
Necklace: vintage
Bracelet: SLL Collections



A Few Things

Hey chickies!  I apologize for the minimal amount of posts in the past few days.  I've got a full plate for the next couple weeks and am struggling to stay on track.  

1.  In the hubbub of Easter and preparing for the shower I'm hosting this weekend, I decided to make an offer on a home.  Although I'm in the business and have bought a home before, this time it meant a little more than I realized.  I think since it is to be the first house I've purchased on my own, it hit me a little harder than I had planned, so that process has been surprisingly stressful!  I'm also a bit obsessive about immediately remodeling and subsequently in need of a pintervention.

2. I spent the weekend thrifting in preparation for a bridal shower, collecting tons of silver, crystal, mercury glass, and hobnob.  I plan to throw peonies and hydrangeas in for color, plus add some of my treasured Blue Willow for a Southern Chic theme. I can't wait to show you guys how it turns out! Craptastic iPhone pic with poor lighting.  Sorry!

3.  I got a new Tibi dress to wear to tonight's Fresh Event at Neiman Marcus.  Looking forward to a little pampering with products that I absolutely LOVE.  Are you guys into Fresh?  I have extremely sensitive skin and tend to gravitate towards more natural and fruit based products, so I love the fragrance and texture of their products.  These are a few of my favorites from their line:

Buy it here

This stuff is amazing!  I have dry irritable skin and this keeps my legs and arms super smooth and soft.  I use it with my Clarisonic Body Brush and it works like a charm.

Buy it here

It's a tie between Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb and Quelques Fleurs for my favorite perfume, but I go through both of them rather quickly and end up spending about $175 per bottle.  I discovered Citron de Vigne last year at the same event that I'm attending tonight and have been using it ever since.  It's a great day and weekend scent at a great price point.  I have had people stop me and ask me to write down my perfume because they liked it so much.  

Buy it here

Sugar Rose' has taken the place of my trusty cherry chapstik after years in an exclusive relationship.  It has a subtle color but does an amazing job moisturizing dry cracked lips.

As a disclaimer, I have no relationship at all with Fresh brands.  I was unaware of the company until last year and want to make sure that everyone knows about this great brand.

Hope y'all have a great day!!



Circus Act

On the same trip to the country where I was almost arrested for looking fabulous, I did a quick change in the car.  With all the music festivals in full swing, I wanted to create an ode to Janice with these boho  pants by Winter Kate.  They are high waisted and super long and once I put on my sky high platforms, I felt like I should be on stilts.  Although I tend to lean towards more structured and classic clothes, there is a big part of me that is a hippie at heart.  I love the earthy hair and makeup, the chunky platforms, and more than anything, the music.

Vest: thrifted, similar, $15!
Bikini Top: H&M
Pants: Winter Kate via Nordstrom Rack, but similar , $27!, great deal
Clutch: Panacea, dreamy, croc
Cuff: H&M, similar
Ring: YSL Arty