Initial Transitions

The weather in Texas is finally getting down to the low 90's, which is what we call "mild" or "fall" here in the Lone Star State.  I have been so jealous of all my fellow blogger friends in different parts of the country who've been sporting snuggly sweaters and boots, so I decided that I would jump on the bandwagon today.  Although I was kind of sweating by the end of the day when I got in the car, the office was fa-reezing all day, so it kind of worked out for me.  I love the transitional time of year, as I'm sure you can see by my first article for DeltaStyle, and this outfit is the perfect example.  I wore this J.Crew skirt all summer long and it goes right into fall by replacing my airy tanks with a flannel button down, and switching strappy sandals for booties.  Easy peasy!  

So, an update from my Atlanta shopping expedition last weekend - Swank was a total tank!  I hope y'all enjoyed that rhyme.  They did have some beautiful pieces, but it was pretty scarce and there was really not too much to see and try on.  They did offer some great Mara Hoffman dresses, which are hard to come by, but other than that I was pretty disappointed.  I did visit some other boutiques close by that were more in my price point wheel house, but the best part (and a total surprise) was my visit to C.Wonder.  In case you don't know, C.Wonder was founded in 2011 by J. Christopher Burch, Tory's ex, and both the line and the store are pretty similar in terms of decor and product.  C.Wonder is at a lower price point and offers a lot of customization with monogramming, initials, etc. which this southern gal lurves.  The store was like happiness exploded in 1000 square feet!  Everyone was in a great mood, the colors were beautiful, and everything just put me in a good freakin' mood.  I so wanted to blow my wad on the home decor stuff, but I had no way of packing it in my already packed to the gils wheelie bag.  I was super psyched to see the initial belt buckles in different colors and double sided belts to go along with them.  I got my new initial-to-be in navy enamel with gold accents.  I'm being proactive people!

Top: Theory (thrifted) but love this option and this colorful plaid
Booties: DV Dolce Vita Juju 
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target - search ebay!
Bracelets: J.Crew Classic Pave' Link, Stella & Dot Renegade Cluster



Published!! DeltaStyle Magazine

Hey chickens!  I've been waiting to tell y'all this until I saw it on paper, but I have been invited to be the fashion columnist for a fabulous magazine in Louisiana called DeltaStyle Magazine!  I am so honored and thrilled to be part of such a great team and excited about putting my ideas in print.  DeltaStyle Magazine is a "portrait of the arts, culture, and people of the Delta" and is published monthly.  For the September issue, I decided to write about transitioning summer pieces into fall with simple additions like jackets, booties, and accessories.  Next month, I am planning to focus on taking daywear to evening, which is basically the premise of WorkdayWeekend!
 I received my copy of DeltaStyle Magazine yesterday in the midst of completely insane work day and it just about made me fall out in the floor.  It's so surreal to see your work and your giant face staring back at you from the glossy pages of a magazine!  I can't even imagine how great this is going to be. As always, thank you all for supporting me as I weave my way through this crazy life.  Kisses!!
I threw in some of my new baubles that will be featured in upcoming blog posts for good measure.  Sorry for the bad iPhone pics !Hope y'all have a great weekend!


A Change of Scenery

I'm sure you guys are beyond devastated that I didn't take pics in my back yard, but I'm trying to mix things up a bit, be adventurous, get a little cray!  Hopefully you'll enjoy it from here on out.  I had the pleasure of doing a styling session at Ann Taylor in the Southlake Town Square a couple days ago, so this is where I snapped these pics.  I'm getting used to this blog game and I was even nervous twirling around like a Disney princess in front of random strangers. Score!

So, lets talk about this dress because I had so many compliments on it.  Can anyone guess where it's from?  Kate Spade? Wrong!  J.Crew? Lilly? Wrong again!  I got this sweet little number at F21 a couple months ago and I absolutely adore it.  The fabric is thick and it's even lined.  I love how the back dips and even though this isn't the best sleeve cut for my body, I love the higher neck and all the pleating in the front. So cute!

We flew into Atlanta yesterday and will be here until Sunday morning.  My best friend is getting married on Saturday evening and I am so excited!  We came in early just so we could relax for a bit and today I plan to visit some boutiques.  Have you guys seen this show on Style called Pretty Wicked Moms?  Well, my Texas bestie and I are pretty obsessed with one of the gals on that show, Emily, who owns a boutique here called Swank, so that is definitely on my list.  We conveniently booked a hotel room that is within walking distance.  Bless my poor, sweet fiance's heart.  Look for some fun dressing room pics on Instagram because I didn't bring anything to wear!

Belt: Xhilaration Bombe Neon Belt in fuchsia
Bag: Louis Vuitton Monogram Idylle Speedy 30 Mini Lin (retired)

Happy Friday Loves,



3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Hi loves!  I hope you had a fantastic Monday.  Mine started off a little slow and lethargic because I couldn't get my lazy butt up and to the gym.  Hate when I do that!  And I woke up in time, too.  I just laid there and thought about going but I never actually raised me head off the pillow.  I didn't find time throughout the day (sometimes I can sneak out at lunchtime) and I didn't want to go when I got home, because that's the only time me and my boo get to see one another during the week.  I did find time to snap a few pics in one of the super cute skirts I got from the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Capsule Collection.  Like I mentioned yesterday, I was super impressed with the quality and fit.  Instead of working out at lunch, I snuck over to Target see if maybe, just maybe, they had one of the bags left.  And they did, so my muscles aren't mad at me anymore!

What did you guys get??

Wedges: Ann Taylor (old) super similar, less platform-y
Bag: Marc Jacobs Ursula Quilted Patent Bowler (old) updated version



The Next Episode

Continuing on with the Target Binge 2013 theme, I wanted to show you guys this super cute dress that I picked up on my bender.  It's about an inch longer that I would like for it to be, but at $27, I felt like it was made well enough for me to rationalize the cost of tailoring.  I do wish I had some neon pumps to accessorize with but I made do with the belt.  

Speaking of Target, did any of you join in the rat race for the 3.1 Phillip Lim Capsule Collection?  We went out of town for the Texas A&M - Alabama game, so we didn't get home until early this afternoon, but after my nap I ran over to my local store to see what they had.  I've not had great luck with the fit of previous capsule collections, but I did try on a few items that I absolutely loved.  I only purchased two items because the sizes were limited, but I'm pretty excited about them.  The only pieces that I really wanted to see were the bags, but one of the employees told me they were long gone early in the morning.  I looked online and saw that they are in stock at the Target by my office, so I guess I have plans for lunch tomorrow!

Bracelets: J.Crew, Stella & Dot, F21



Leather and Dots

First off, I want to thank all of you who shared such sweet comments and well wishes concerning our engagement via the blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  We are just so excited and happy to be taking the next step and I am excited to take you guys along with us :)

Like several of you, I'm sure, I can't go to Target without blowing $100 or more on absolutely nothing, and Sunday was no exception.  After enjoying a long, lazy day napping, I decided I wanted spaghetti for dinner and decided to go to Target because I also needed conditioner.  Evidently, the cleaning lady thinks it's funny to throw away my conditioner bottle, BEFORE, I slosh water around in it in order to get the very last remnants.  Anyways, I was super stoked to see how stinkin' cute the new stuff for fall is.  I mean, I'm the first to admit that I wouldn't spend more than $30 on a pencil skirt with a faux leather peplum, and low and behold, there one was on the front row right by the magazines.  That led to several other purchases that I will be showing off in the next couple days, but how great is it to purchase 4 full outfits that can really all mix and match for less than $150?  I honestly felt pretty comfortable making a couple "risky" purchases that I otherwise wouldn't have made, at say, Neiman's.

Have you guys found anything super cute at Target lately?  I am very impressed, clearly :)  How great does this dot blouse blend in with all my other things from places like J.Crew, Zara, etc?  It feels good is a thicker material, doesn't wrinkle.  Perfect.

P.S.  I apologize for blinding you with my non-spray tanned skin.  Sorry about that!

Heels: BCBG (old) wallet friendly version
Bag: Banana Republic (old), dream minaudière 
Necklace: J.Crew Factory (old) but I think I would trade Famous for this one




The Sweetest Thing

Hola chickies!  I hope y'all had a great Labor Day weekend!  We had an absolute blast around these parts.  We had friends over all day Saturday to watch the inaugural game of the 2013 Aggie football season.  Our parents joined us for brunch on Sunday.  Monday we cooked and worked around the house which is our usual Sunday routine. Oh yeah, did I mention Erik and I got engaged on Friday night before all this happened?!?!?  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you definitely already knew this because we were just way too excited to keep it to ourselves.  We are absolutely thrilled and couldn't be happier!  So, here is my back-to-work-after-getting-engaged-so-all-my-coworkers-can-see-my-ring-for-the-first-time-outfit ;)

Tank: J.Crew Factory Draped Stripe Tank (no longer available) similar
Belt: vintage
Heels: Mossimo Viveca Pumps for Target (old)
Bag: Marc Jacobs Ursula Quilted Bowler (old) want this, so pretty!!
Bracelets: J.Crew, Stella and Dot