Krispy Kreme

I succumbed to the sock bun/top knot rage quite awhile ago.  Any low maintenance hairstyle is high on my list of things to accomplish because it takes me forever to do my hair.  I bought one of those hair donut thingies and each time I committed to rocking' the bun for the day, it just didn't work out.  I tried one more time a few days ago and had the same results.  My melon is just too big for the little bun that my thin hair gives me.  I threw it into a ponytail, but while walking out the door, I noticed my clip in hair extensions chillin' on the kitchen table (that's where I store them evidently... What a nice centerpiece), so I decided to work them in.  Finally, I had a bun big and full enough to match my giant head!  Woohoo!  

This week has been completely insane already.  My mom has been here to visit, which was wonderful. It's the last week of the month, always stressful in my business.  I lost my watch on Monday (devastating) only to have a good Samaritan turn it in on Wednesday.  Finally, I bought a new car, a big down size for me from my big tank, and a big downsize in my wallet pain for gas consumption.  I had some fantastic meetings yesterday, so I was thankful for that.  It's crazy how things can turn around.  I was praying early in the week for something to give, for me to get a break, and by Thursday, I am feeling very thankful and blessed.

Jacket: H&M, similar for $22
Tee: Walmart, similar
Skirt: Old Navy (old)
Bag: Banana Republic (old)
Glasses: Ray-Ban
Earrings: F21
Bracelets: vintage Hermes, F21, J.Crew



Shirtdress Style

Since I've been talking about staple wardrobe items a bit this week, I thought I would mention another one of my favorites: the shirt dress.  You've seen my navy one that I just absolutely adore here (one of my younger followers told me that I had a "sick amount of notes on tumblr"... sounds cool, but I don't even know what that means!  ahhh!), and I've got a couple more from Banana and Calvin Klein that I have had for many years that still live in my closet. I find it hard to toss my shirt dresses in the donation pile because I feel like I can always reinvent them in some way.  Although they are great alone, I love to layer shirt dresses with jackets, cardigans, other shirts, contrasting belts and fun shoes.  They can be worn on workdays or weekends (you see how I did that? I'm so clever... psssshhh!) and will weather all seasons.

It actually got below 100 degrees here last week and I took a temperature risk with a light layer.  I love love love the color of this dress that I picked up at J.Crew a few weeks back and I think the stripes give it a fun punch.  My inspiration came from this pin via WhoWhatWear.

Speaking of Pinterest, I'm a total psycho about  it and am on the brink of needing medication, but that's another post all on its own...

Dress: J.Crew and love this one because denim is so versatile!
Tee: H&M the girl's hair on this link freaks me out!
Heels: Steve Madden
iPhone Case: Kate Spade
Necklace: J.Crew, West Avenue via Max and Chloe
Bracelets: J.Crew, vintage Hermes


I got a gold chain

A literal "Oh my God" flew right out of my mouth when I saw this Chanel belt in the window of a vintage store in Columbus, Ohio last Thanksgiving.  Instead of wearing it as a belt, I like to thug it out as a gold chain instead.  As if that's not enough, this fabulous leather skirt was thrifted, too.  Boom.

I get a lot of questions pertaining to where and how I find my vintage goodies, so I thought I would share my two secrets about the "Where" aspect of thrifting/vintage shopping :

1. Do your research - thrift in' ain't easy, y'all.  It's hard work and you need to take the time to scope out several places before you move on to secret number two.  I have been to every Goodwill and Salvation Army from here to the Mississippi so I know what type of goods are placed in each, what their price points are, and even when they get shipments and stock the store.  Psycho? Yes.  Do I find the good shit, though? Yes.  I have a store that I always find great clothing in, one for furniture, and another for household goods.  For consignment stores, I subscribe to the same model.  

2.  If you are looking for vintage goods, thrift or consign in older neighborhoods - this is a big one for me.  I am never looking for newer items, so if a thrift store is full of some teenagers F21 castaways from 2007, I'm out the door.  I want granny's old dresses, papaw's old belts, and the beautiful furniture they used to sit on whilst having afternoon cocktails Mad Men style.

Hope this helps in the treasure hunt!!

Sweater: F21
Skirt: thrifted, no brand
Bag: Chanel
Belt (worn as necklace): vintage Chanel
Heels: Christian Louboutin
Glasses: Rayban
Bracelets: Hermes, J.Crew

Have a great start to your week!



Thrift of the Week: Vintage DVF

One of my very favorite designers and women in general is Diane Von Furstenburg, so you can imagine my undeniable joy in finding this gorgeous knit dress at my local Goodwill.  It fit like an absolute dream and I couldn't be happier with it.  I was a little scared of the length, simply because I'm not a long and lean girl, but I think I pulled it ok pretty well.  The color is so beautiful.  Kind of a cross between cerulean and periwinkle.  It's comfortable and I love how it went beautiful with my other vintage accessories.  I hope I can pull it off for a more casual look because I can't imagine it between a one hitter quitter.  Love!

Dress: vintage Diane Von Furstenburg
Heels: Christian Louboutin
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Belt: vintage
Earrings: H&M

Bracelets: vintage Hermes, J.Crew
Ring: YSL

Enjoy your Sunday!




My number one go-to staple for just about every wardrobe situation is an off-white silk blouse.  It makes any outfit look effortless and chic, and since I prefer mine to be a size too big, it's always comfortable for days when I don't feel like being buttoned up all day.  I have a couple that I rotate between, which you've seen here on the blog several times.  One is a button down with pockets and no collar from NY&Co. and the other is a very lightweight cotton button down with a collar from Old Navy.  Bottom line, they were both less than $10 and through wear and tear are completely shot to shit.  

Although I couldn't justify spending $200+ on a great silk shirt by Equipment or Joie, I did find this gorgeous option at Zara for $59.99.  It has a lightweight fabric that you can't see through and the stud detail gives it a little shine.  I am completely in love with it and am glad to have a replacement for the other two.  I'll move them into my layering rotation and probably wear them until they turn into threads.

What is your go-to wardrobe item?

Blouse: Zara in black but white avail. in stores
Denim: J Brand
Earrings: F21
Ring: H&M (old)
Bracelets: J.Crew, vintage Hermes, Kate Spade, F21
Necklace: West Avenue via Max and Chloe

Have a lovely Friday!



A Quickie

Not too many photos in this shoot turned out great, but I still wanted to brag about my $14.99 sale rack blouse from Zara.  This print showed up on several of my favorite blogs in springtime and I just had to have it.  The colors are so vibrant and I love the way it looks like a late 1960's illustration.  It's a great work option with different colors of pants and skirts, looks great with other patterns like stripes and polka dots, and it will be a great pop underneath a sweater as the weather cools down.

What versatile pieces are you loving right now?

Blouse: Zara (no longer avail, but similar from Equipment)
Pants: Ann Taylor (old, but similar)
Heels: BCBG (old)
Necklace: vintage
Bracelets: vintage Hermes, Kate Spade, J. Crew, F21




Sammy Love

Have y'all heard of SammyDress.com?  I got this email in my work inbox a few weeks back and it was a link to their website.  The ad looked interesting enough, so I thought I would check it out.  Low and behold it's the holy grail of cheap but chic F21 style fashion, but less expensive.  Yes, really.  

Now, I'm never a proponent of filling your closet with inexpensive garbage, but there are times when certain "low" pieces can be mixed with "high" ones.  This jacket, for example was $8.98.  It's not leather, it's almost the same material that liquid leggings are made from, from I totally dig the tight fit and the snake print.  I also love the tough juxtaposition against my sweet mint skirt (last seen here)

I would definitely recommend you take a look at the site just to check it out.  There are great styling pics for almost every outfit and they even have shoes and accessories.  

***Disclaimer: I am not being paid to promote SammyDress.com (sadly) and the above comments are my own experiences and feelings.***

Skirt: F21
Tank: Old Navy
Necklace: H&M (old)
Bracelets: Ann Taylor, unknown


<a border="0" href="http://www.longdistanceloving.net/search/label/friday's%20fancies" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/longdistanceloving/fridaysfanciesbutton.png"/></a>


Anchors Aweigh

I don't think that I got a close enough photo of this dress, but it has tiny rust colored anchors all over it.  I got it a few weeks back during the "Boutique Day" that my mother, best friend, and I devoted to shopping in Dallas. My very favorite one is Milk & Honey in the Knox-Henderson neighborhood of Dallas.  If you are local and haven't been there or are visiting, you certainly need to make the trip.  It not only has the most adorable vibe and decor, but has tons, and I mean tons of unique clothing and accessories that you won't see on anyone else.  Each time I go there I find something totally unique that I adore, and so was the case with this anchor dress.  I've worn it at least 5 times in the past couple months.  It's lightweight, breezy, and is a great neutral color that works great during the dog days of summer.  I'm thinking it will work with tights and a blazer for fall as well.

What are your favorite boutiques?

Dress: via Milk & Honey
Wedges: Madewell (no longer available)
Bag: Hayden Hartnett for Target (soooo old)
Necklaces: J.Crew, West Avenue
Bracelets: vintage Hermes, J.Crew, Kate Spade, F21

Hope everyone had a great Monday!!