June Bug

First thing's first: Yesterday was a rough day for North Texas, as tornadoes ripped through, devastating several communities.  The damage is unimaginable, but by some miracle, no one was hurt.  Our prayers are with all the families that have lost their homes.

I've been trying to find the Zara simple sandal in my size for several weeks with no luck, so when I saw these B Brian Atwood heels I couldn't resist.  They are made from some type of iridescent material that changes colors with the light and reminds me of the huge junebugs I caught as a kid.  They are super comfy and at $79.99 were only $30 more than the Zara heels.  Total score.  

On the same trip, I found these adorable Kate Spade trousers and immediately fell in love with the fit.  I have a tough time fitting pants, as I've mentioned before, so these were a guaranteed purchase for me.  I love how they looked with the knockout roses in the background which are blooming out of control now.  They are gorgeous and make me happy every time I look in the back yard.

Top: NY& Co. in store only, but similar here, use code: SPRING30 for 30% off
Pants: Kate Spade love these @ $44! dreaming of these
Heels: B Brian Atwood, no longer avail. but these BA's have the same sheen
Bag: J.Crew Tillary
Necklace: Panacea
Bracelet: vintage Hermes



  1. What a great look! I love the combination of colors! The sandals do look like the color June Bugs! So fun! xoxo A-

  2. Love your bright outfit! Gorgeous heels!

  3. Ok gorgeous girl, you look amazing! Sarah, such a treat to meet you, I'm crazy about your style! x

  4. Loving this combo, you look fab!

    xoxo, Emily