Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I was simply too full to write a blog post.  I thought I would show you my simple but colorful Thanksgiving table.  There were some crazy flowers at the market on Wednesday and I love nothing more than a beautiful, fresh centerpiece.  I am especially loving the kale and Belles of Ireland.  The colors went together perfectly.

If you notice, there have been several updates at White Owl Drive and I can't wait to post them so you can tell me what you think.  There are a couple items that I need to finish up, but all in all, things are looking pretty fab.

Sorry for the poor picture quality.  Thanksgiving Day was a gloomy one and the lighting was a little tough to work with.  The good news though, is that Christmas came early, and Black Friday resulted in this:

BIG shout out to the Mama!  I turned it on and was so terrified by all the options that I turned it right back off. Scary stuff.  I'll be spending most of the day learning how to use the damn thing.  I am super stoked about it though.  I apologize now for uninteresting, yet high quality photos of Famous and random other subjects that you may be exposed to. 

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend!



Glamorous Stripes

*source unknown*

Loving this gorgeous room!

I'm trying to finish one of my nine zillion projects so I can update the blog with some new things.  Thanks for bearing with me!



Gallery Walls

I have to admit that I haven't been feeling terribly inspired as of late, but when I saw this gallery wall in Country Living's 2010 House of the Year last week, I've been fired up to do one myself.  Can you believe that all these pieces came from one small paperback book that costs $10?  I am heading to Barnes and Noble immediately!

Do you have a gallery wall of some sort in your home?  I may after this weekend!!



My first mention!!!

This afternoon I was so pleasantly suprised to get an email from one of my favorite blogs, Design Refuge, telling me that I had qualified as one of the finalists for the October Challenge!  So freakin' excited!  This is my first mention on a blog of this caliber so I am so grateful that they liked my post.

The challenge was to post a room, space, etc. that best describes your design aesthetic.  Back in May, I did this post on Kirby and Kari Schlegel's penthouse at the W Dallas, designed by the genius that is Jan Showers.  Interestingly enough, since that post, this beauty is now on the market for a cool $10.75 million.  I suppose that an enagagement is enough to entice one to move out of the place they share with their sibling.  Personally, I would tell my betrothed to find a place on his own, but that's just me.

If you have a moment, please stop by Design Refuge and vote for your favorite space.  If it's not mine, no big deal, I'll just come and kill you in your sleep.