A Good Man is

...not so hard to find!
I hate to use the blog for self-promotion, but sometimes it's necessary to toot your own horn or that of someone you love..  My boyfriend, Amir Omar, has been nominated and selected as a finalist for One Man Dallas, an organization promotes and urges young men in the community to devote their time and efforts to volunteerism.  Currently, young men are out numbered in volunteerism by young women five to one and One Man's mission is to not only promote the guys and their respective bodies of work, but also to highlight charitable community events.  The 21 finalists will organize and host a service project benefiting each of their 21 charities.  Based on those events, a panel interview, and online voting, the winner will be chosen on May 10th at the final event held at ALoft in downtown Dallas.  The winner will receive some perks, but the winner's charity will receive a $2500 cash donation.

Amir's charity is the Methodist Richardson Cancer Center, home to the Lance Armstrong Shape Beam Surgery.  Having been personally touched by cancer, Amir feels strongly about his cause.  His service project will be a tree planting at the cancer center that will serve as a tribute grove to those who have been impacted by this wonderful place.  In support of the Cancer Should Not Have the Last Word Campaign, the tree planting will be Sunday May 6th at 10am.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Amir's dedication to his community is incredibly admirable and selfless and I can't imagine a better person to win this award.  Please consider going to http://www.onemandallas.com/ to cast your vote for him and for the Cancer Center.  You can read his profile to see just a few of the many causes he is involved with.  Votes are considered daily, one per email, so vote often!  He is tireless in his efforts and I am so blessed and proud to have him in my life.


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  1. Wait, blogs aren't for self-promotion? ... But really, it's your blog! Do whatever the heck you want with it. This looks awesome, good luck to your other half!