Chin Up, Buttercup

So, I have a new found respect for actual models after my foray into the country on Sunday.  I packed my car full of clothes, my tripod, and my camera and took off to find some bluebonnets.  Our state flower is the most incredible color of blue and usually covers the sides of the highway if you drive out of town a bit.  I didn't find any bluebonnets but I did find these pretty yellow flowers out on a road behind the tractor supply.  I was running back and forth across the road in heels while guys in trucks honked their horns.  Eventually, a nice policeman stopped to ask me if I needed help, and then a second, not so nice one asked me for my license and registration.  Whoopsie.  Anyways, after a couple hours of acting like Karlie Kloss in the wild, I was parched and exhausted.  It was a tough day, really, but I had so much fun playing dress-up in the woods!

 Dress: Zara
Jacket: Zara
Belt: Thrifted
Watch: Michael Kors



  1. What a great location for photos! Hopefully the cop didn't give you a ticket!?!? I'm not sure what for, but you sure do look like a criminal all dolled up! LOL Love it all! xoxo A-

  2. Wow that location is amazing. That yellow is beautiful!

  3. Love the neon jacket on you!

  4. You are adorable Sarah!!! I love the dress~

  5. great place and great outfit. Lovee it


  6. One of the most adorable blog posts ever. I want every single piece, which means you're inspiring the crap out of me. Big thanks!