Design in Fashion

With a new home in mind, it's always my train of thought that design follows fashion and vice-versa.  Before our weekend in Scottsdale, I visited J.Crew with the intention of purchasing the Big Shot dress for the rehearsal dinner.  Imagine my surprise when it was marked down 50% and then I got an extra 30% for final sale.  I was absolutely thrilled and felt like Betty Draper, pre weight gain and nervous breakdown.  Now that the weekend is over and we are headed back to Dallas early in the morning, I can get back into house mode.  Don't worry, I won't forget an outfit post in this dress.  It's way too fabulous!


How fabulous is that mirror, by the way?  Hello DIY!


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  1. Ooo you could DIY that mirror! Do it! It's fab.

    xoxo, Emily