Thrift of the Week: Christian Dior Houndstooth Car Coat

A rather lackluster Saturday suddenly took a turn for the fabulous when I stumbled across this beauty at Goodwill for $4.99.  It's absolutely perfect.  No tailoring or major cleaning needed. Can't wait to show it off! This is what makes thrifting worthwhile for those of you that can't fathom spending hours raking through other people's trash.  This lady had to be chic, right?



Battle of the Bags

My sweet friend, Paulina, messaged me a few days ago and she was in quite the fashion quandary: which bag do I choose?  A major decision in any girls life, Paulina didn't make hers any easier by choosing two super cute clutches that were equally stunning.

Tory Burch - Robinson Envelope Clutch


Rebecca Minkoff : M.A.C. (Morning After Clutch)

Both are sick, right?  Love 'em.  At first glance, I would probably choose the Tory just because it's simple and I like to wear bold prints, colors, and accessories.  I tend to go lean toward a more simple bag for that reason, but after careful consideration, here is what Paulina and I determined:

Price: The Tory bag is $375 vs. $295 for the M.A.C.

Functionality: You definitely get what you see with the Envelope.  It's undeniably chic and simple, but I'm not sure it can go from night to day without another bag in the mix to hold all the other crap we drag around.  Because it's so flat, there isn't room for much other than your cell and lip gloss.  The M.A.C. can also easily go from day to night, but with a bonus.  The chain can be completely removed, doubled, or singled so you can wear it as a true clutch, cross body, or on the shoulder.  I almost nixed it immediately because I don't realize the chain could be removed (I hate having to stuff a heavy chain in my bag to make it a clutch).  Additionally, the M.A.C. can handle more items on the interior, so whether you are doing the walk of shame or downsizing between work and happy hour, this is a better option for sure.

Look & Material: both bags are made of quality leather and the M.A.C. has heavy duty gold hardware.  Patent is a little more difficult to care for, in my opinion, especially when it's a lighter color.  If I look at everything I have that's a bone colored patent (shoes, mostly), there is at least one big black scuff on them somewhere.  Although the Tory bag isn't something that I would through around, I would be a little paranoid about getting it dirty or scuffed.  Obviously, since the M.A.C. is black, it's going to be less prone to dirt and grime. 

Verdict: although both bags are gorgeous, I think you get more bang for your buck with the M.A.C.  It definitely has more styling options and is more versatile going from day to night.  Paulina and I also decided that if we were going to spend $400 on a night clutch, we'd much rather spend an extra $100 and snag the YSL Belle De Jour.  It's actually wider in the spine and can handle more contents. 

WINNER: Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C.! Get it here!



Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday evening!  I'm in Scottsdale for a few days helping my mother with wedding preparations.   The desert is so beautiful and I am looking forward to a couple days of much needed R&R.  Spa treatments, brunch, and boutique shopping await us tomorrow!  I love this polished, yet casually chic look. One of the sexiest things a girl can wear is a men's white shirt and I'm always on the hunt for the perfect one.  The navy and black combo is great and that cuff is gorgeous. Mostly love the versatility because it would work for the office, weekend, or date night.



Workday Essentials

A longtime friend of mine messaged to say that she was traveling to NYC for an interview and requested some workday/interview looks.  I treat my workday looks just the same as I do my weekend looks.  Of course I'm more casual on the weekend, but I have just as much fun getting dressed for workdays.  I don't feel as though you have to be boring at the office just because you work in a conservative environment.  The key is to look professional, always, chic and put together.  It's very easy to fall into a style rut of boot cut pants and button downs, which is what I see most often on girls my age.  There is nothing wrong with those looks, but go the extra mile and accessorize with great shoes, a statement necklace, a colorful jacket, or hell, all three!

There are a few items in my closet that I couldn't live without for the office. High waist, wide leg pants (black, red, cobalt) are not only comfortable but they give you a long slim look no matter what your size is. I get compliments every time I wear mine.  

Silk shirts, in every color of the rainbow go between seasons, can be layered with anything without being too hot, and can add a much needed pop of color.  I prefer silk to cotton because they don't wrinkle as easily and they hold up better over time.


Jackets, blazers, and coats can add the final piece of effortless polish you need to tie the whole thing together.   

Finally, accessories make your look shine.  Depending on what you feel comfortable with and what you can get away with at the office, you can accessorize with a skinny belt or a fur collar.  Skinny belts in contrasting colors break up an otherwise boxy look.  A great bag is a no brainer.  I like to carry a larger bag that fits my MacBook, files, etc. along with a smaller bag inside that I can grab for lunch or to run errands if I don't need to carry all my junk with me.

As far as the don't's:  don't wear anything too tight, including pants or button down shirts that gape open because they are too small.  Don't wear anything too short.  Pay attention to the height of the slit in your skirts.  No one wants to see your Britney or your Spanx at the copy machine.  Don't wear anything uncomfortable.  When yo don't feel you look your best, it's projected in your voice, posture, and most importantly your confidence.

Hope this helps!



Weekend: Liquid & Lace

Yesterday was full of errands which included a huge haul from my favorite thrifting haunt, a walk through an open house, a trip to Nordstrom, and dinner at Kona Grill. All were rather successful, especially my record credit card receipt from the thrift store ($75, success!!) and a really great dinner. On the house hunting front, I've decided on a neighborhood and am very patiently waiting on the perfect house to pop on the market.  Hopefully spring will bring a good one.  Enjoy your Monday!

Jacket: Forever 21 (has removable faux fur neck) here
Liquid Leggings: Romeo & Juliet Couture here for $19.99!
Dress: Forever 21 here
Belt: Steve Madden here
Shoes: Zara F/11
Bag: Alexander Wang Rocco here
Glasses: Rayban Wayfarer here
Bracelets: Hermes, Henri Bendel here
Watch: Michael Kors here
Ring: YSL Arty here



Mixed Metals

Mixed metals in the kitchen looks so incredibly chic.  I am completely in love with this kitchen via Cocozy.  The brass hood brings a ton of interest and color into the space, while the range gives it a vintage vibe.  It's kept modern through the marble and beautiful glass front fridge.  I love how the black gloss moulding ties it all together.  

What are you loving in the kitchen right now?



Bonjour 2012

I hope you had a safe and fantastic NYE!  I'm looking forward to so many things this year, but here is what I wore to close out 2011.

Jumpsuit: Zara F/11 (similar here)
Necklace: F21
Bracelets: Hermes, Henri Bendel
Ring: YSL Arty (finally!)

Enjoy your day!!