A Few Things

Hey chickies!  I apologize for the minimal amount of posts in the past few days.  I've got a full plate for the next couple weeks and am struggling to stay on track.  

1.  In the hubbub of Easter and preparing for the shower I'm hosting this weekend, I decided to make an offer on a home.  Although I'm in the business and have bought a home before, this time it meant a little more than I realized.  I think since it is to be the first house I've purchased on my own, it hit me a little harder than I had planned, so that process has been surprisingly stressful!  I'm also a bit obsessive about immediately remodeling and subsequently in need of a pintervention.

2. I spent the weekend thrifting in preparation for a bridal shower, collecting tons of silver, crystal, mercury glass, and hobnob.  I plan to throw peonies and hydrangeas in for color, plus add some of my treasured Blue Willow for a Southern Chic theme. I can't wait to show you guys how it turns out! Craptastic iPhone pic with poor lighting.  Sorry!

3.  I got a new Tibi dress to wear to tonight's Fresh Event at Neiman Marcus.  Looking forward to a little pampering with products that I absolutely LOVE.  Are you guys into Fresh?  I have extremely sensitive skin and tend to gravitate towards more natural and fruit based products, so I love the fragrance and texture of their products.  These are a few of my favorites from their line:

Buy it here

This stuff is amazing!  I have dry irritable skin and this keeps my legs and arms super smooth and soft.  I use it with my Clarisonic Body Brush and it works like a charm.

Buy it here

It's a tie between Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb and Quelques Fleurs for my favorite perfume, but I go through both of them rather quickly and end up spending about $175 per bottle.  I discovered Citron de Vigne last year at the same event that I'm attending tonight and have been using it ever since.  It's a great day and weekend scent at a great price point.  I have had people stop me and ask me to write down my perfume because they liked it so much.  

Buy it here

Sugar Rose' has taken the place of my trusty cherry chapstik after years in an exclusive relationship.  It has a subtle color but does an amazing job moisturizing dry cracked lips.

As a disclaimer, I have no relationship at all with Fresh brands.  I was unaware of the company until last year and want to make sure that everyone knows about this great brand.

Hope y'all have a great day!!



  1. Congrats! Would love to see the progress you make on your new home. You said you're "in the business" - are you a real estate broker?

    xoxo, Emily

    1. Thanks! Going through the inspection process this week, so that is a little nerve-racking. Buying a fixer upper so I see a lot of blog posts in my future... I am actually on the other side of the business and handle the financing part. I'm a branch manager for a mortgage company in Plano.

    2. Awesome! Well, I will keep my fingers crossed everything goes well on inspections!

  2. I love the Fresh Rose lip treatment. I use it often when we go out, since I am not big on a lot of color! Yay!