Casual Days

I am so blessed to have a job that is super flexible and I have the ability to work remotely any time I want.  Although I prefer to go into the office, I generally work from home a couple days a week to break up the monotony and madness of an hour commute each way.  One of my rules when working from home is that I get up and get dressed.  If I stayed in my pi's all day long, I just couldn't be productive.  My very first boss at my very first job always said "When you look good, you're more successful" and I've subscribed to that theory over the years.  Even if I don't leave the house the whole day and no one sees me but the dog, I feel prepared and ready for the day.

Shorts: Paige
Top: J.Crew Factory (no longer available) this one looks comfy for $18.99!
Belt: J.Crew
Shoes: Tory Burch
Bag: LV Musette (ret.)
Necklaces: West Avenue & J.Crew
Glasses: Rayban
Bracelets: J.Crew, Kate Spade, vintage Hermes, F21, Dogearred

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!



Light Layers

The weather is finally turning here in Texas and the temperatures are in the mid to low nineties.  I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but that's a cold front to me.  Of course, the second I have any opportunity, I'm gonna do some layering, even if it is silk.  

I've been really wanting a black and white chevron dress in the same style as this one, but it seems like every time I find one, it's not my size, not to mention more than I want to spend.  In my F21 haul a couple weeks back, I found this dress, which comes in both black and navy (mine is navy if you can't tell) for $15.80.  It's a great lightweight silk-like fabric, not the shiny kind, and I'm thinking it's pretty versatile.  I'm picturing it with a denim jacket, a blazer for the office, with tights when it actually gets cold here.  It also looks great with any color belt and neutral shoes.  A great buy and a comfortable look for the office or for work.

Have y'all found anything that you are super excited about lately?  I'd love to know your shopping secrets and bargains!!

Dress: F21
Belt: vintage but Asos makes great alternatives
Bracelets: J.Crew, Kate Spade, F21, vintage Hermes

Have a good day kids!!



Flipping Out

After finishing a couple house projects, I was happy to finally put on some make-up and a cute outfit.   I found this peplum top at F21 awhile back on clearance and was thrilled.  I haven't wanted to spend more than about $10 on one, which is super cheap of me, but I'm not sure that it's the most flattering article of clothing.  I was lucky to find this one for $9.99 which was right on budget, plus the material has a great weight.  

Top: F21, similar
Denim: Limited (old)
Bag: Louis Vuitton Musette (ret.)
Heels: Christian Louboutin
Bracelets: Kate Spade, J.Crew, vintage Hermes, F21
Ring: YSL Arty
Neclaces: West Avenue via Max & Chloe, J.Crew



It's True What They Say...

Horizontal stripes definitely aren't slimming... but I don't care because guess what?  I got this dress for free!  That's right!  Found it in the black hole, a.k.a. my fourth bedroom, that is filled to the brim with clothes that have yet to be organized and placed in a closet. I'm getting really good at this whole budgeting thing ;)  Have a great weekend loves!

Dress: F21 (old), similar and probably fits better!
Vest: J.Crew Factory, similar
Wedges: Steve Madden
Bag: A. Wag
Belt: vintage Versace
Necklace: West Avenue via Max & Chloe
Bracelets: J.Crew, Kate Spade, vintage Hermes



Pretty Pastels

I've been doing really well lately with not shopping.  It's been, like, a whole month, so I decided to step into F21 for a little retail therapy on the cheap.  Per usual, I went into the dressing room with about 700 items and came out with four choices that I couldn't live without.  The tank and skirt in this post have great color and a little detail that I appreciate, especially coming from a retailer like F21.  The tank has gold buttons going down the back, and the skirt's drawstring has gold tabs on the ends.  Subtle touches that go a long way for me.

Both the chain link tank and the mint skirt look adorable together, but can also be paired separately with numerous other items, casually and for a more polished look.  I'm thinking the mint skirt paired with a boyfriend blazer for work and a plain white tank and sandals for the weekend.  The chain link tank will go with just about every pair of colored denim that I own, and looks great with white anything.  At about $25 for each item, I felt these were both well worth the break in my fast.

Top: F21 in store, not avail. online
Skirt: F21  $22 and comes in 4 gorgeous colors
Bag: Louis Vuitton Musette (ret.)
Necklaces: J.Crew Factory (clearance, but similar for $5.80!!), West Avenue via Max & Chloe
Bracelets: F21, J.Crew, Kate Spade, Hermes

Have a beautiful week!


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Thrift of the Week: Rubgy Dress

I was so happy to find this Old Navy striped rugby dress at my local goodwill for $2.99.  I love the contrast of the white collar (I'm a sucker for contrast collar button downs with french cuffs) and the thickness of the fabric.  It's a great, easy item to be casual and cool in the hot Texas heat.  And the Sperry's... I'm probably the only person over the age of 12 that wears sequin Sperry's but I don't give a rip.  I love 'em :)

Dress: Thrifted (Old Navy)
Denim: H&M
Topsiders: Sperry
Bag: Gift from my mother from Italy
Necklace: West Avenue via Max and Chloe
Bracelets: Kate Spade, J.Crew, vintage Hermes

Have a wonderful day!