A Woman's Right to Shoes

Before I report on Operation Floral Pants, I need to blow off some steam concerning a certain Zara Two Two Court Shoe.  My best friend, who will remain nameless, and I have been lusting over these for months.  Every blogger that we follow from here to Timbuktu has these damn shoes.  We've trolled the Internet, eBay, begged Zara stores across the globe to ship them to us, but come up empty handed every time.  The couple mornings ago, after a particularly manic hour long phone conversation in which we discussed nothing but these shoes, a pair in my size popped up on Ebay.  $179.99.  One hundred and eighty dollars for fake leather heels that were, at one point, on sale for $29.99.  I felt the peer pressure beating down on me from the other end of the line and I pressed "Buy It Now".  
Nothing special, right?  WRONG.  They go with EVERYTHING.  They are so versatile!

Here's Blair pulling the super prep look:

And Deniz, looking like a BBB (bad bad b*tch):

And here's Krystal today, in these heels looking adorable (oooooh, glad I snagged that tee from J.Crew today!)

I could go on, and on, and on...

Side note: Sweet baby Jesus, I did break Lent with this purchase, however, I am not Catholic and don't feel as though I am in danger of going to hell.  Over this debacle, at least.

Now, the rest of the story should read that I received my heels and lived stylishly ever after, but that's not the way this little fairy tale goes, friends.  No, no, no.  You see, we aren't the only two freaks in this circus, because another blogger found an exceptional stand-in with the Franco Sarto Fynn Pump, $39.99 at your local Marshall's.  Having known this months ago, we've been to every nasty Marshall's and TJ Maxx this side of the Mississippi, but these pretty little things are nowhere to be found.  

I was on my way to work after the $179 eBay catastrophe and I felt the gravitational pull steering my SUV towards a Marshall's I'd already bent through.  As I made it through the first two rows of cheap heels, there they were.  The Franco Sarto impostors!  I grabbed every box they had left and took them to the front.  The clerk opened each box, pulling every shoe out to check that the size matched, giving me a strange look as she moved on to the next box.  Finally, when she was finished, she said "Did you know these are all the same?"  I just couldn't help myself when I replied, with way too much excitement in my voice "No, I had no idea!"  Really lady?

I immediately texted my partner in crime a 911 text letting her know what I'd found and she nearly burst into tears in the middle of her doctors visit.  We hauled ass to meet one another and exchange the fruits of our labor in the midst of a torrential downpour.  Once I was home, I immediately re-listed the Zara shoes on eBay for the exact amount I purchased them for.  I figured I shouldn't profit from my stupidity.  They were gone within an hour.  Another cray-cray psycho shoe stalker on the loose!  

I couldn't help myself...

I did receive the shoes from the original seller today and couldn't help but feel validated when I tried them on.  Too small for me, but damn cute.  I would have kept them (and never told anyone how much I paid) if they would've fit, but I've got 5 pairs of impulse/obsessive shoes posted on eBay because I bought them a half size too small and never wore them after the extreme caused by the initial wear.  Old habits die hard.  And if you are interested, several of the FS heels I relieved Marshall's of are listed on eBay here.  

Also, the sweet lady who sold them to me sent this sweet note in the package, so, if nothing else, I'm glad to be able to help someone like this out!

It says:  Thank you so much for your purchase!  We are a single mother and two small daughters selling on eBay full time to make ends meet.  We are more than grateful for your purchase.  It helps us put food on the table and pay our rent!  Hope you enjoy :)

Isn't that great?


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