I never promised you a rose garden...

But what I did promise you was floral, er, rose trousers!  Finally, the floral pants were ready for their photo op today and I have to say, I luuuuuuurve them.  I thought they would give me a case of saddle bags/thunder thighs, but I'm digging' em.  I could have gone way wrong with a pair of $14.99 pants but H&M proves, yet again, that you don't have to shell out bundles to look fabulous.

Lets also take a few minutes to pay tribute to my new baby, THE Valentino Rockstud bag I found at Neiman's presale for more than 50% off.  This is by far the classiest bag I own and the studs glitter like a girls best friend.  This is what I broke my Lent promise for, so if I'm going to hell for something, at least I can add this to the list. 

Pants: H&M
Blouse: J.Crew
Belt: Ny&Co. similar
Wedges: Christian Louboutin (old)
Glasses: Rayban
Rings: no brand from Beyond the Door
Bracelets: Juicy Couture & Vintage Hermes



  1. You are gorgeous my dear. loving your blog. These are great colors on your outfit. I am definitely following you now ;). Also love your Valentino bag.



  2. I'm jealous that you found those pants, I haven't seen them the last three times I've visited H&M.
    That bright blouse looks wonderful with those pants and I love that purse. Very funky, but still lady-like.

  3. Love your entire outfit and THAT BAG!!! Gorgeous all around! So happy to have found your blog! Please feel free to stop by mine sometime as well! xx, Allie


  4. OK this sounds silly but I didn't even KNOW they made floral skirts! This one is too cute - love how you paired it with all of those neutrals. I need to get me one now :)

  5. so, i saw your little thumbnail on alisons blog & i had to investigate. i wore a VERY similar outfit yesterday. LOVE it. :) :)