I lied to you.  I promised floral pants today, but they are getting a slight nip and tuck, since I was forced to go up a size.  Should be ready for a major spread tomorrow.  Kidding.  I won't overdo it.

I found this jacket yesterday in J.Crew and while this print has been super popular within their collection, I haven't necessarily been drawn to it.  I decided to try it on while waiting on my shopping partner to arrive and I absolutely fell in love with the fit.  I'm not usually a huge fan of the cropped jacket.  I don't like looking boxy and I feel like it cuts me off above the hips and makes my thighs look bigger than they already are.  This jacket felt like a blazer and the fit is amazing.  Although I haven't been super impressed with the quality lately, J.Crew didn't cut corners on this jacket.  It's really a great piece and I can pair it with any color.  I chose yellow today, but I love it with coral and kelly green.  Stoked that white jeans are back, too!  Yippee!

Jacket: J.Crew  Get 30% off with code MUSTHAVE
Blouse: NY&Co
Denim: Hudson
Heels: Banana Republic Mad Men Collection (old)
Necklace: Banana Republic (old)
Bag: J.Crew

Hope you had a lovely day!


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