Pull it back

My bestie and I gave up shopping for Lent.  I'm only a few days in, but got a short reprieve yesterday when I received my J.Crew Tillary bag in the mail (ordered prior to).  The color was a bit more orange than I had imagined but the leather is great quality, very soft, but the bag itself is still structured.  It's the perfect size for al my work essentials: wallet, Mac, files, phone, makeup bag, etc.  At $325, I do feel like it's a great compromise for the Celine.  Now, that doesn't mean I don't still covet the Celine, but this will curb my addiction... temporarily.  I'm not 100% sure about it, though, and frankly am not impressed with the interior. I plan to carry it for a couple days, compare it to other bags that I like at this price point (Michael Kors, Rachel Zoe, Kate Spade) then see how I feel after the weekend.  What do you think of it?  

The weather has been beautiful here, but windy so I had to do a mid-shoot ponytail to keep my hair out of my lip gloss!  Flowers are starting to bloom and I think spring is officially here, which makes me giddy.  I am so sick of my winter clothes and am so looking forward to wearing bright, happy colors again.  Do you have your spring wardrobe ready?

Dress: Zara (old)
Belt: NY&Co similar
Ring: YSL Arty
Bracelets: vintage Hermes, Ann Taylor, Juicy Couture

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


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  1. fabulous magazine editorial ! ;) it could really be gorgeous!!!