Lots of Layers

We came back from Louisiana to find some chilly weather here in Dallas, so you can imagine my excitement of opening up my coat closet for the first time this year.  It's been getting rather cold here overnight, but still in the low eighties during the day, so layers are a must.  I wore this to work yesterday and let's just say that I got my fair share of strange looks for my new Zara Leopard High-Heel Sandals.  Aren't they the bomb.com?  Good Lord, I almost passed out when I saw them last week.  They almost had an angelic glow around them, beckoning me to try them on and of course they fit like a glove.

I wanted to thank you guys for the feedback on what you would like to see on the blog.  I don't want y'all to get bored and definitely want to give you improved content, so it was very helpful to hear your suggestions.  

Coat: H&M $39!
Blazer: The Limited, similar less expensive option
Sweatshirt: F21, old but similar
Denim: Ann Taylor on sale for $19!!
Necklaces: J.Crew, West Avenue Monogram Necklace via Max and Chloe
Bracelets: J.Crew Classic Pave Link, vintage Hermes, F21
Ring: YSL Arty


Ragin' Cajun

I'm currently in south Louisiana for a wedding and am enjoying some wonderful southern hospitality.  This is my first trip to Cajun Country (minus a couple trips to New Orleans in college) and I am loving the accents, the food, and the weather!  I snapped these photos before I hopped on the plane yesterday.  A cold front blew into Dallas and I was so thrilled to be wearing boots and a sweater.  I obviously am still loving my maroon skinnies that I got a couple weeks ago that you last saw here.  They are so soft and comfy and I am so glad that I didn't ruin them when I accidentally left them in the dryer.  They didn't even shrink.

I wanted to get y'alls advice and input on what you'd like to see more of on the blog.  I have a couple things in mind, but I'm not quite the best judge of an audience.  I don't want things to get boring around here, so let me know what you want!  I'm open to anything.

Off to the wedding!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Sweater: Old Navy
Denim: F21
Boots: Steve Madden
Scarf: Zara
Bag: LV
Necklaces: J.Crew, West Avenue Monogram Necklace
Bracelets: vintage Hermes, J.Crew


Blast from the Past

We've all had those encounters where we see someone from our past unexpectedly.  It makes your heart skip a beat for a second and then a very strange feeling comes over you.   Whether it's an enemy, an old friend, or an ex, you are never quite prepared for it.  That happened to me yesterday evening and it was completely unexpected.  I'm just glad that the I could look within myself and say that I am proud of who I am now, proud of where I came from, and proud that I don't have to look back.  I was also proud that I stopped by home before I went out in order to freshen up and looked pretty dang hot ;)   

Top: F21, last seen here, similar option here
Belt: Anne Klein, similar
Necklace: West Avenue Monogram Necklace via Max and Chloe
Bracelets: J.Crew Classic Pave Link, vintage Hermes
Ring: YSL Arty


Things Change

Wow, what a weekend!  My slight departure from posting was due to a long awaited trip back to College Station, where I spent my glory days.  Although we lost our game to LSU (dang it!), I had such an amazing time visiting my old home and seeing familiar faces.   It's funny to look back and think how things have changed and how far they've come.  I never, in my wildest dreams would have thought that I would be where I am today, nor have gone through the things I have at this point in my life.  The best part is that I don't regret a single second and have learned so much about myself.  Although people and places change, those that remain constant are the most important; home, family, and friends that never leave your side.

Dress: Old Navy Crepe Tab-Sleeve Dress (similar version here)
Blazer: J.Crew Maritime Stripe Blazer (awesome option for $32)
Booties: Zara (old, but I want these soooo bad)
Clutch: Kate Spade (love the ostrich version)
Necklaces: J.Crew, West Avenue Monogram Necklace 
Sunnies: RayBan Aviators
Ring: YSL Arty
Bracelet: J.Crew Classic Pave Link, vintage Hermes


A First Time For Everything

Well, it finally happened.  I read all the time where other bloggers lose their content, photos, and other earth shattering problems, but I think to myself "How lucky am I that it never happens to me?"  Evidently, I forgot to knock on wood...  I had taken several photos yesterday morning that turned out really great and they literally vanished into thin air after I had downloaded and edited them!  WTH?  I've done everything but take my MacBook apart to look inside.  I thought this is why people get Macs in the first place?  I will admit that I'm a dummy when it comes to Apple products, so they are most likely sitting on my desktop, but I am still sad that they're gone :(  Have fun with this outfit post!  I would have been WAY better!

Dress: J.Crew Maritime Dress, n.l.a. but here it is in you can fit into girls
Blouse: J.Crew Liberty Perfect Shirt (thrifted here!) and new print
Boots: Hunter Original Tall Rain Boot in Fuschia via Nordstrom Rack
Bag: LV
Necklaces: J.Crew, West Avenue via Max and Chloe
Bracelets: J.Crew Classic Pave Link, vintage Hermes, F21
Ring: F21 (old)


Under the Trees

When I was a kid in North Carolina, I would always beg my mother to take the scenic route any time we would head to the neighboring city that had a mall, restaurants, etc. Instead of taking the highway, I always wanted to go "under the trees" which was basically a long stretch of road with huge oak trees that made an arch over top the road.  I was kind of like a tunnel and I would roll the window down and enjoy the feeling.  I had forgotten about it until I saw these pics and I wonder what it looks like now.  Maybe I will take the scenic route next time I'm home.  It never hurts to slow down a bit.

Sweater: J.Crew Tippi Sweater in Heart Me (last seen here), color n.l.a. but here is another pretty color combo
Blouse: old, but similar here for $27
Bag: Tory Burch Anlsy Clutch, old but new version here
Heels: Franco Sarto via TJ Maxx
Necklaces: J.Crew, West Avenue Monogram Necklace via Max and Chloe
Bracelet: J.Crew Classic Pave' Link Bracelet, vintage Hermes Kelly Bangle
Ring: YSL Arty

Are y'all impressed that I left my house for photos?? :)  Baby steps...