An Obituary

It's the end of an era.  My most beloved Miley Cyrus denim shirt from Walmart has finally kicked the bucket.  She's been accidentally bleached, shrunken, and left out in the rain.  She's been used and abused, and she finally gave up on me.  All of the buttons have fallen off and there is a huge rip straight down the back.  I feel so sad...

Do you have a denim shirt that you absolutely love?  The perfect weight, color, and texture?  Please share. And while you do, I'll be scouring eBay for a replacement. 

Denim: Miley Cyrus for Walmart
Striped Top: J.Crew Factory, similar
Pants: J Brand, invest!  these are the most flattering, amazing pants ever!
Heels: Banana Republic Mad Men Collection, identical
Necklace: J.Crew
Bracelets: vintage Hermes, J.Crew Pave Link Bracelet

Have a great weekend!  Hope your team wins, unless your team in LaTech!


  1. Sarah you always look great! Love how you mix and match :)


    1. Thanks Carla! I'm so glad the weather is permitting layers now!!

  2. I love Madewell's chambray shirts, they are a great investment and the weight of the fabrics are perfect. They also have quite a few different styles.

  3. I love my Zara denim shirt and one time I thought I lost it and nearly cried, well almost nearly.. but I was in some kind of panic, everyone knows when you loose something you really love.. not proud, but the truth!;) I hope you will find an even better one;)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department