Leopard Lush

I came into my room a few days ago, exhausted after a long day of work, and I sh*t you not there lies no less than five pairs of leopard shoes in front of the mirror that I had vetoed earlier in the day.  Five years ago, you couldn't have gotten me near anything animal print, simply because I felt it was best left to Fred Flinstone and middle aged cougars who were trying to hard.  Now, I'm a full blown Animal Print Aficionado.  I've got leopard flats, wedges, pointy toe pumps, peep toes, and booties.  I've got belts of every size, shape, and hide.  I've got gorgeous coats rescued from the bowels of Goodwill.  There is a poor black and white cow who's been rolled into a pancake and is sitting underneath my coffee table.  It's a little much, but it may as well be a pair of black trousers to me.  It's a design staple, I wear it all the time, and it's going nowhere fast.

Denim: F2, old but love this brighter color
Belt: J.Crew
Glasses: Ann Taylor
Bracelets: Kate Spade, J.Crew, F21, vintage Hermes
Necklace: West Avenue via Max and Chloe

Do y'all have an animal print problem, too?



  1. You look fabulous girl! You wear leopard sooo well and look HOT! Loveee the AW bag too! xx, Allie

  2. I'm an "animal-print whore" too! I can't name the number of leopard print shoes that I have. I too have a leopard print knee length coat that I picked up last year...love it! and I actually just purchased the exact top that you're wearing a couple of weeks ago! ;o) It's a sickness!

  3. I totally have an obsession with leopard print too! I love it. I consider it a neutral and pair it with everything! Nothing to match my kelly green bottoms?.. leopard! Or those burgundy lace shorts?...leopard! It just works! :)

  4. Another great outfit! I have the shirt from the retail store and belt! I personally share your affection for animal print/leopard. I am on a search for a thick leopard calf hair belt. I missed j crew's this past fall/winter. Hoping they will come out with one again in the fall. The factory one they are showing now not thick enough, I bought and returned :(

  5. Make anything in leopard print and I'm ALL over it. Wearing an animal print scarf right now!
    And belt actually.... and I can see my animal print wedges from here too...(both pairs of them)

    Vanessa x