Thrift of the Week: Rubgy Dress

I was so happy to find this Old Navy striped rugby dress at my local goodwill for $2.99.  I love the contrast of the white collar (I'm a sucker for contrast collar button downs with french cuffs) and the thickness of the fabric.  It's a great, easy item to be casual and cool in the hot Texas heat.  And the Sperry's... I'm probably the only person over the age of 12 that wears sequin Sperry's but I don't give a rip.  I love 'em :)

Dress: Thrifted (Old Navy)
Denim: H&M
Topsiders: Sperry
Bag: Gift from my mother from Italy
Necklace: West Avenue via Max and Chloe
Bracelets: Kate Spade, J.Crew, vintage Hermes

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Love this, sporty and chic. I think I would live in yoga pants if I could find a way to look like I am not headed to/from the gym, or bed. Also, searching for the perfect office shoes that walk that fine line between comfy and professional without looking like I am wearing uniform shoes ie dansko or Birk clogs. They have to be close-toed...in case an eye starts hemorrhaging or a needle falls. I thought wearing scrubs everyday would be awesome, but o actually have to dress business casual most of the time. I am tired of walking the line between too sexy and too blah. Ugh. Help fairy Godgirlfriend!

  2. Such a cute dress, and super easy to wear!
    And the sequined shoes? LOVE em. In fact I'd love some of those myself....

    Vanessa x

  3. I heart this outfit so much! The fact that you scored the dress for so cheap makes it even sweeter. So cute!

  4. Just found your blog. I looooveee it. You have such great style!