Soul Food Sunday

I've taken on a rather intolerable commute to the office recently and it is really kicking my butt.  I know good, hardworking folks do it every single day and this is going to make me sound terribly spoiled, but I've never worked more than 15 minutes from my home.  Depending on traffic, it can take up to an hour and forty five minutes to get home some days and it's been a trial and error situation to figure out the best times to leave.  Adding ridiculously expensive tolls and gas for my guzzler, it's been an all around mess to say the least.  The drive affects many things, but mostly my ability to get to the gym, and to eat at a decent hour.

I love to cook.  It's therapeutic for me and extremely gratifying.  I'm used to having enough time after the gym to prepare a fresh, delicious meal, that is for the most part healthy.  While trying to figure out this commute, I was so exhausted that I wasn't making it to the gym as often as I wanted to, and I was just stopping to grab something on the way home.  Waste of money and simply not good for me.  I just didn't feel good.

Last week I decided to take control of the food situation.  I made two crockpot recipes that were delicious and  gave me enough for leftovers and freezing.  I made a huge pot of quinoa and veggies that has proved to be a new staple.  The ultimate discovery, though, was these Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes.  Holy sh*t.  These are freakin' phenomenal.  I have to credit Pinch of Yum via Pinterest for the original recipe, although I doctored it a little bit. My secret ingredient is salsa verde instead of chilies. I made a big batch of them last night at a friend's house for dinner and they were a huge hit, then I took the left overs to my bestie's house this afternoon.  To tell you the truth, I didn't even care for sweet potatoes until now, but this has drastically changed my mind.  I'll be making these on a weekly basis from here on out.

Do y'all have any good week day recipes??

Find the recipe here!


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