Light Layers

The weather is finally turning here in Texas and the temperatures are in the mid to low nineties.  I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but that's a cold front to me.  Of course, the second I have any opportunity, I'm gonna do some layering, even if it is silk.  

I've been really wanting a black and white chevron dress in the same style as this one, but it seems like every time I find one, it's not my size, not to mention more than I want to spend.  In my F21 haul a couple weeks back, I found this dress, which comes in both black and navy (mine is navy if you can't tell) for $15.80.  It's a great lightweight silk-like fabric, not the shiny kind, and I'm thinking it's pretty versatile.  I'm picturing it with a denim jacket, a blazer for the office, with tights when it actually gets cold here.  It also looks great with any color belt and neutral shoes.  A great buy and a comfortable look for the office or for work.

Have y'all found anything that you are super excited about lately?  I'd love to know your shopping secrets and bargains!!

Dress: F21
Belt: vintage but Asos makes great alternatives
Bracelets: J.Crew, Kate Spade, F21, vintage Hermes

Have a good day kids!!



  1. I looooveee this dress! So cute and the belt looks fab with it :)



  2. I can't believe that dress is f21! What a great piece! Love this look!

  3. Great dress Sarah, you get some great bargains!!
    I just recently found a Sam Edelman sale at a store that's closing down and I get heart palpitations just thinking about it...bought 2 pairs, and am going back next Tuesday for more! :-)

    Vanessa x

  4. If your still looking for the chevron dress,,, check the impeccable pig! Multiple locations around DFW and they even have a website that has the dress on it. They have black and white chevron, and a few other color options!