Maxed Out

I know it's been a loooooong time since I've done a post on my biggest style stalk, Olivia Palermo, but that doesn't mean I haven't creepin' her online.  I'm on the look out for a maxi skirt, scouring the thrift for a bargain or vintage find. It's in the high seventies, low eighties here in Tejas so I want to take advantage of the mild weather before the blistering heat sets in.  Crossin' my fingers I can find one.  Here is O's POV on the maxi skirt.  Are you down with this trend?  My fave is the one with the umbrella...



Happy happy, joy joy!

This room makes me so incredibly happy and I definitely need that this week.  Love everything about it...




This Week's Obsession

I am absolutely mesmerized by Olga Puga, a stylist and fashion blogger from Australia.  Her taste and awareness of color are impeccable.  Her blog OStyle is the shiznit, plus her legs are to die for.  Great photography, beautiful scenery, and killer threads.  Check it out!

all photos via ostyle





Dallas Arboretum

This past Friday afternoon, Mom and I enjoyed a picnic and a bottle of pinot at the Dallas Arboretum.  In honor of the first day of spring, here are some pics from our day.  Enjoy the tulips :)




Shrimp Ceviche

For today's Sunday Dinner I whipped up a quick and refreshing shrimp ceviche.  The colors of the ingredients create an impressive presentation and the simple recipe makes this dish perfect for an intimate gathering or a large group.

Shrimp Ceviche
2 pounds peeled, cooked shrimp
4 small avocados
1 mango
1/2 red onion
1 tomato
1/2 cucumber
1 bunch of cilantro
4 limes
1 lemon

dice all vegetables, cut cilantro as small as possible and combine with shrimp in mixing bowl.  squeeze lemon and limes into mixture.  chill for 30 minutes.  serve in martini glasses.




Lauren Conrad Style

I happened across this amazing 3.1 Phillip Lim at Last Call the other day and just couldn't resist giving it a go.  Of course, since I'm not supposed to be shopping right now, it fit like a friggin' glove.  I hope someone gives it a good home.  $200 and the most gorgeous butterscotch color. Please excuse crappy phone pic.

Once I got it on, I immediately recognized it as my favorite of Lauren Conrad's looks!

Although she's a little cutesy for my taste most of the time, and I was really disappointed in her ombre extension phase, she does pull through with some bangin' outfits.  Here are a few of her best looks.  Are you looking forward to her new show?  I am, but only to fill the gaping hole in my heart that the cancelation of The City has left. 




So, my girlfriends have been nagging me to do outfit posts on the blog but I've been super hesitant because of my lack of narcisism and resources.  My very favorite reads are the blogs that do daily outfit postings and I am quite sure I could never live up to their amazingness.  First and foremost, I don't have a random hot boyfriend who dedicates every fiber of his being to taking pictures of me in my most adorable outfits.  Secondly, I don't live in a city where I can take pics at every statue, fountain, brick wall, and art festival that I run into.  What I do have is a bunch of bad ass clothes, a tripod, and a back yard scattered with dog poop.  Perhaps it will suffice.

Today, I was supposed to photograph some jeans I purchased awhile ago and shoot them over to my bestie for her humble opine.  I mean, how can one be totally sure if jumping on the bellbottom bandwagon is the right decision?  In my boredom, I decided to get dolled up and pretend to be Kate Moss.  It was actually kind of fun and I always love to share my bargains and shopping tips.  So ladies and gentlewomen, without further ado, my first outfit post :)  Be nice!

Shopping Sources
Jeans: Fade to Blue @ Neiman Marcus Last Call
Tunic: Anne Carson
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Belt: vintage
Bracelets: Dogeared
Tiger Bracelet: vintage
Watch: Citizen
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Glasses: RayBan

I do want to take a second to talk about these amazing jeans I found.  I have been thinking about buying into the bellbottom trend for a good month now, but it always seems that the jeans that end up fitting me are the most expensive ones out there.  Basically, my waist is small and my curves are kickin'... this baby got back... and a whole lot of frustraition in the jean dept.  Nevertheless, I wasn't willing to pluck down $200 for a pair of jeans I will probably wear five times.  I grabbed these on a random trip to Last Call and when I went to try them on, I realized that they had no zipper, no button, and no pockets.  They are pull on!  I couldn't be happier with them and you can't beat $49.  They are super stretchy, a must for me, and higher waisted.  No one wants to see my ass crack....

Hope you enjoyed my silly post!  Was all in good fun!