Maxed Out

I know it's been a loooooong time since I've done a post on my biggest style stalk, Olivia Palermo, but that doesn't mean I haven't creepin' her online.  I'm on the look out for a maxi skirt, scouring the thrift for a bargain or vintage find. It's in the high seventies, low eighties here in Tejas so I want to take advantage of the mild weather before the blistering heat sets in.  Crossin' my fingers I can find one.  Here is O's POV on the maxi skirt.  Are you down with this trend?  My fave is the one with the umbrella...




  1. I've been a little interested yet nervous of this trend myself...brings me back to my quazi-hippi days in college! But, I absolutely LOVE the pink number with the belt! Where can I find such a beauty?

    ps, love your blog!


  2. I just got a maxi skirt two weeks ago!!! At Express of all places!