Welcome to Miami

Come the first of March, my girlfriends and I will be sunning ourselves on the beaches of Miami in celebration of bridal bliss.  In a frantic effort to get my ass back in shape in t-minus 38 days, I have blown up my personal trainer via speed dial and designated a "goal dress", which I plan to rock all over town.  I guess I should try it on...

A little slutty risky, yes, but we're in Miami, bitch! This Donna Mizani will hopefully prevent me from eating my feelings for the next month and keep me on a strict diet of raw onions and mustard. 

Clearly, I have an obsession with Miss Annalynne McCord.  She is most def my celeb body obsession.  I'm not sure yet about which suit I will choose, but here are a few that I'm feelin'.  Prepare to feel inadequate unless you're a Victoria's Secret model.

Every girl should own an Etro bikini.

You're perfection, Miranda Kerr.  I'll be sitting in the corner with a bag of oreos.

I'm generally not a fan of swimwear that looks like underwear, but now that I'm thinking about it, this may be the key to a good fit.  I like my underwear.  They're comfortable and look alright, so why not give this a shot?  It has one of those "scrunch butt" bottoms which may be key for this big booty mama.


I really like the top on this one because the piping would make objects appear larger than they actually are.  Big thumbs up for those less than blessed in the chest area (hand raised!).

I have always had a white bikini and I think the details on this one are fabulous.

So, I guess depending on my dedication and progress in the next few weeks, I may decide to reward myself with a new suit.

Are you in swimsuit shape?

Wish me luck!


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  1. I need sunny days!!! cute post nd imagenes!!

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