Jenny McCarthy on Oprah

I was just able to catch up on the latest Oprah episode this morning and have tears streaming down my face from laughing at Jenny McCarthy.  Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she's hilarious, inspiring, and strong.  Take a few minutes to watch the episode (it's really only a half episode) here.  She talks about her break-up with Jim Carrey, her personal growth over the years, and her pee-in-your-pants story about her first Playboy shoot.


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  1. Sarah,
    As always, I love your brand of comedic sarcasm. I knew early on by your lovely handwriting and fashion choices as a first grader that you had a keen sense of style. Please, keep the criticism coming! I log on several times a week, just to see if there is anything new. I love that you take the time to share. XOXOX Sara