Christmas Mantle

Yesterday, I had the entire day (except for an hour getting a much needed eyebrow wax... I was channeling Selma Hayek in Frida) decking the halls of White Owl Drive.  I'm not completely finished, but the tree and the mantle are complete.  I took to thrifting Dollar Tree to gussy up the fireplace and found some great deals.  I was able to complete the mantle for about thirty bones and I think it looks anything but cheap! 

The sunburst mirror is a new addition to the mantle as of a few weeks ago.  I have been eyeing it at Horchow and patiently waiting for a coupon to come over my email and it finally did.  Originally $550, I got it for $85!  You can imagine my adrenaline rush that day... 

The crystal candlesticks I have had for years, but they are one of my all-time favorite finds.  They came from Ross about four years ago and I love the way they sparkle.  In Dallas, we have two thrift stores that are sponsored by Christian Community Action, an amazing group that helps poor and needy family by providing food, shelter, essentials, and even education.  These are my favorite thrift spots not only because they always have the best treasures, but also because their volunteers are so wonderful, friendly, and have an obvious passion for their cause. The little gold trees came from big grab bags of holiday decor that CCA put together for the weekend.  For $2 I got a huge bag full of holly, a cute little snowman, four of these trees,  and some other little odds and ends.

The garland and poinsettias came from Callaway's Nursery and were only $.99/ft. and $7.99 a piece.  I will let you know if I can keep either alive...

Finally, all the ball ornaments came from Dollar Tree and were 10 for $1.  I bought about 20 boxes and have a couple more projects to take care of today. I'm sure the anticipation will absolutely kill you ;)

Famous came back from the groomer with a snowflake bandana, so I think everyone is now in the holiday spirit.  Seriously, she is the cutest hound I've ever laid eyes on... Cheers!

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  1. Cute puppy. Your mirror and vignette are very pretty.

  2. My Christmas mantel for this year has an 'owl' theme, so I had to visit your blog when I read the name. Your sunburst mirror is so nice up on the mantel along with all your other treasures. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, That is a great deal! The sunburst mirror is gorgeous and looks beautiful with all of you Christmas decor. I love the (real) garland placed on top of the mantel, it looks so classy yet simple. Your mantel looks beautiful!

  4. I can't believe the incredible deal you got on that mirror...I love it used as the focal point of your mantel. Isn't your longhaired doxie, pretty. I have to say...poor Violet has never been to the groomer. I bath her myself and I could bet she would enjoy being pampered.

    My short haired dachshunds make me laugh so much and they get into so much trouble. But Violet is the perfect one..she's pretty and kind and well behaved except for nose nibbles.

    Thanks for your very nice comments about my holiday decorating and house. You can't imagine how much I appreciate it when someone tells me they have enjoyed it. It makes my day.

  5. Sarah, thanks so much for stopping by! Love your mantel display, so pretty and festive. That mirror you found was a fantastic deal! Great bargain on that one.

    Regarding silver pieces, I just keep my eyes open for bargains. That candelabra was $5 at a yardsale & still in a box. Probably not a really expensive piece to begin with, but it always works at Christmas on my displays and I love it. The other pieces I've picked up have been bargains too, so just keep your eyes pealed for somewhat heavy weight silver. even if it is tarnished, you'll be surprised what all will come off with a good rubbing with Wright's silver polish. Makes them sparkle & I hardly ever really clean mine up anyway. Just use it and enjoy!

  6. I love that mirror!!! Your mantle is beautiful!

  7. You could put just about anything with that cool mirror and have it look great :).

  8. Hey girls!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my mantle. Everyone seems to love the mirror and it was actually a different color when I bought it. It was a gilded gold color but it didn't sparkle and just looked blah up against the wall. I decided to rub some smokey aqua paint on it, aptly named Aqua Smoke actually... and it looked tons better. I can't wait to take the time this weekend to see all your blogs and homes decorated for the season. Thanks again!!!