Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I was simply too full to write a blog post.  I thought I would show you my simple but colorful Thanksgiving table.  There were some crazy flowers at the market on Wednesday and I love nothing more than a beautiful, fresh centerpiece.  I am especially loving the kale and Belles of Ireland.  The colors went together perfectly.

If you notice, there have been several updates at White Owl Drive and I can't wait to post them so you can tell me what you think.  There are a couple items that I need to finish up, but all in all, things are looking pretty fab.

Sorry for the poor picture quality.  Thanksgiving Day was a gloomy one and the lighting was a little tough to work with.  The good news though, is that Christmas came early, and Black Friday resulted in this:

BIG shout out to the Mama!  I turned it on and was so terrified by all the options that I turned it right back off. Scary stuff.  I'll be spending most of the day learning how to use the damn thing.  I am super stoked about it though.  I apologize now for uninteresting, yet high quality photos of Famous and random other subjects that you may be exposed to. 

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend!


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