Christmas Dinner Table

I hope Santa was good to each and every one of you and that you had a lovely Christmas.  I wanted to post pics from our dining room table which is where we enjoyed our annual Christmas Eve Spaghetti Bonanza.  Ever since I was a kid, it has been tradition to have spaghetti on Christmas Eve and this year was no exception.  We did tweak the original recipe a bit just to make us feel like we were eating semi-healthy.  We opted for turkey meat and fresh veggies for the sauce, and whole wheat pasta.  After dinner, I enjoyed total domination, as usual, on the Scrabble board.  I think the wine my competition was drinking may have impaired their word-making, but whatever... small victories.

How did you celebrate Christmas?



  1. ooo, I love your wine glasses. They're so unique. Your table is gorgeous! It looks like a beautiful place to celebrate Christmas Eve.

    Happy New Year to you!


  2. Beautiful!! Love your dining chairs too!

  3. Lovely table!
    But do you really eat spaghetti on Christmas Eve?

  4. Thanks ladies!!! Yes, spaghetti every Xmas Eve that I can remember :)