How lovely are your branches...

Here she is in all her teal glory!!!  This year we decided to get a new Christmas Tree, since the one we had was on its last leg.  Translation:  I was too lazy to wrap lights around the damn thing.  I had a vision in my head of what I wanted the tree to look like and that included long needles and glitter.  And I wanted it to look like it was snowed on a little, which I have since learned is described as "flocked".  Who knew?  Not me...I scored this one at Garden Ridge and it was exactly what I was looking for.

I used a teal throw that generally goes on the couch as a makeshift tree skirt.

Look!  It's me in the gold ornament!  These are some of the first pics with the new camera.  I didn't even mean to do that, but it's still cool right?

This is a messy tree and there is glitter all over the house.  Famous loves to walk underneath and get it all over her back.  After three days, I'm still finding it in my hair and on my face from her snuggles. 

The first Christmas at White Owl Drive was also the first Christmas that I didn't go home to North Carolina to spend the holidays with my grandparents.  Since I was a little girl, the one thing I remember about Christmas is how beautiful my grandmother's tree turned out year after year.  It has always been decorated exactly the same: in silver, gold, and crystal. Faboosh! It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. 

That year I received a rather large UPS package a couple days after Thanksgiving.  My grandmother had sent me tons of ornaments that she had collected over the years, including these glass and crystal bells.  They had always been my favorite ones when I was little and now they hang on my tree. They are probably 50 years old, but still sparkle like they did when I was a kid.

The tree has pine cones already attached to the branches, but I added the little poinsettias.

Found these little birdies at Michael's last year for .25 after the holidays.

I hope you enjoy your tree as much as we do!  I'm linking with these chicks:



  1. Wow! What a beautiful tree! I love the colors! Hope to see pics of the rest of the house!

  2. visiting from tdc. your tree is sooo pretty. hope you and your family have a merry christmas.

  3. Beautiful tree--love the colors. The little birds are a nice touch--super festive!

  4. Hi ladies! Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm looking forward to slowing down this weekend and taking the time to see everyone's trees. Enjoy the holidays and best wishes to you and your families :)


  5. Sarah...it is so lovely..I love reading your blog and watching your pictures. It inspires me! Ben asked about you and your Hubby the other day. I told him I follow your blog! He said come over, decorate! LOL!