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DISCLAIMER: I have been in a horrible, monotonous, pointless, 101, makes me want to pull my eyelashes out one by one fantastic classroom based corporate training class for four weeks for my new job.  Because listening to someone talk for eight hours straight every single day for a month is so taxing, I've been a worthless piece of crap, and most nights I come home and fall asleep on the couch by 9 pm just so I don't have to think about it any longer.  So, the moral of the story is:  I'M DONE!  Stick a fork in me, please, because I thought about slitting my wrists with one on several occasions in the past few weeks.

With that out of the way, there has been some major progress on the Greywalls house in the past couple weeks.  Every time I go head over there, I get so excited, and as I'm opening the front door, I feel like I'm opening a big giant present.  Lame huh?  It's my thing.  Let me enjoy it!

So here are some before and afters, and a couple in betweeners, to show you just how much has been removed.

Side Entry Before
Side Entry Before

Now, I know all that green looks lush and pretty, but trust me, it was a mosquito invested cesspool of rotten peaches and bugs.  A few months have elapsed since the before pics were taken, and the Texas heat and sun, coupled with little rain caused everything to croak.
Side Entry After

Side Yard After

For this portion of the yard, we plan to bring more bushes to the right side (taking them from the front where there are plenty!) and we are going to lay sod throughout the whole space so the dogs have somewhere to run and play.

Main Peach Tree

Falling Down...

And down...

And after the mess was cleaned up

Sad little stump = happy neighbors!!

This peach tree was the most hated tree in the neighborhood because it grew so big that it dumped rotten fruit onto the neighbors' roofs and patios all summer long.  They were all thrilled to see it come down.  I'll plant something better in exchange for taking it's life, pinky swear!

Here's the good part:  since my mother's gardener, whom she's had for a good ten years, has been stuck across the border for 3 months, we decided to try our luck with a lawn service who stuck a flyer on the front door.  It ended up being twins from the local high school, a girl and a boy, who were saving their money over the summer.  Their father had been laid off and hadn't been able to find work, so they were trying to help their family get by.  They worked so incredibly hard for a solid week, dragging their supplies on a homemade cart that hooked onto their bikes.  I think they did a rockstar job cleaning that mess out, plus we were able to help their family out, too!

Inside update tomorrow :)


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