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In the past couple weeks, things have really started to fast forward with the interior of Greywalls.  I was concerned that Jose and the boys were drinking on the job when I found a few empty beer cans underneath the front bushes, but regardless of whether they're wasted or not, they are doing an awesome job. I guess I should cut them a little slack since it is 107 degrees out.  Yes, really.   Let me get a little nostalgic for a second and remind you of where we are coming from with this remodel...

2000+ square feet of pink tile removal
nail down hardwoods
carpet in bedrooms

interior wall, ceiling, trim, and cabinet paint
replace counter tops & sinks in kitchen and bathrooms
remove wall in kitchen (where the cabinet is above the dishwasher)
new appliances (purchased!)

redo shower in master (tile, glass)
retile bathroom floors
redo bathroom cabinets
new fixtures

new lighting
wallpaper removal
door & cabinet hardware

With all that said, here is what my lush of a subcontractor has been up to:

Although it took a full week, all 2000 sq feet of tile was pulled up!

And the sub floor for the hardwoods went down...

My favorite day was when I walked in and unexpectedly, the cabinets were primed!  I had no idea the cabinets were on the agenda for the day.  Such a huge transformation.

They started laying the travertine in the master bath shower and on the floor.  The empty square you see is actually going to be made longer, into a rectangle shape, and filled with something similar to this:


This will also go on the shower floor and on the tub surround.
And finally, the wall in the kitchen was taken out.  Because it's load bearing, we had to keep a small portion of it, but I think it opens up the kitchen a ton.

It also allowed the bar to be extended all the way around.  If you can see, the middle cabinet above where the cook top would be has been removed and a range hood will be installed in its place.  Mom doesn't cook, but this kitchen is going to be SICK!

Things are starting to lighten up and come together and, surprisingly, it's been quite nice having Mom in the house.  She cleans, does laundry, and scoops poop.  What else can I ask for in a house guest??  ;)  kiss kiss Momma!


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