In the closet

With all its shortcomings, the one redeeming quality of the Greywalls house is its undeniably fabulous closet.  It's one of those closets where you can display your goodies and it's seriously big enough to be a bedroom.  Mom wanted a little chandelier to make it feel posh, but I took it a step further and chose this fantastic fixture, adding a little whimsy and chicness to a classic chandy.  And the best part was that it was her birthday gift!  You like?

Lamps Plus has the most beautiful, affordable lighting that I've come across recently and it looks like we are going to purchase several pieces to go throughout the house from their collection. 

In the spirit of enviable closets, here are a few of my all time faves:

Mimi is totally in a category of her own and her closet is no different.  I would feel better about myself if I called this a salon.  Gotta give credit where credit is due! 

Rachel Zoe is a true collector and I'm sure that being in her closet is like opening an antique chest full of goodies.  I love how her clothes and jewelery always tell a story and evoke a specific feeling.

Kimora is disturbingly gorgeous and I remember her closet from an early episode of Cribs.  Extreme handbag envy ensued as she showed off her full LV collection. Trunks and all... SWOON

Those glass door closets are almost as flawless as Nicky Hilton's legs.  Everything about this closet is perfect, from the chair to the two toned door.  It's clean, sleek, and kind of sexy.

I desperately covet Olivia Palermo's wardrobe, so by default, her closet is automatically amazing.

And finally, the evolution of the single gal's closet into every gal's dream closet.  I love French Blue paint in the apartment's closet, but seriously, I don't see anything in the penthouse photo other than Mr. Big.  He really just does it for me. YUM

Do you have a design for your closet, or is it just somewhere to hide your stuff?  Mine could definitely use some work!


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