Knee High

I'm sure you remember the scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts is fixin' to go out on the town and she uses a Sharpie to cover the scuffs on her heels.  This was the state that my usual over the knee Jessica Simpson boots had been in for some time.  So, instead of feeling like a hooker every time I put them on, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new pair.  Imagine my glee when I found these amazing Calvin Klein Averie Platform Boots at Nordstrom! I haven't been a skirt and boots type of gal until lately, simply because I've packed on a few LB's over the last year, but I've been hard at work in the gym and felt like I could finally strut these babies with a leather mini.  Other than the striped sweater, everything else is from a thrift or vintage store!  The skirt and jacket were great finds at Goodwill, while the necklace came from a local antique shop here in town.  You seen in worn with stripes before here, and the rich gold and candy colored stores give a monocromatic look a much needed splash of color.

Jacket, Skirt, Necklace : thrifted/vintage | Sweater : Banana Republic | Boots : Calvin Klein Averie Platform Boot | Socks : Velvet Heart (and a gift from my future mother in law) | Ring : Francesca's 

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  1. Those thrift finds are amazing! I'm dying over that necklace. I'd love to know which vintage shop you found it from? (I'm in the DFW area).. Love the outfit!