My first mention!!!

This afternoon I was so pleasantly suprised to get an email from one of my favorite blogs, Design Refuge, telling me that I had qualified as one of the finalists for the October Challenge!  So freakin' excited!  This is my first mention on a blog of this caliber so I am so grateful that they liked my post.

The challenge was to post a room, space, etc. that best describes your design aesthetic.  Back in May, I did this post on Kirby and Kari Schlegel's penthouse at the W Dallas, designed by the genius that is Jan Showers.  Interestingly enough, since that post, this beauty is now on the market for a cool $10.75 million.  I suppose that an enagagement is enough to entice one to move out of the place they share with their sibling.  Personally, I would tell my betrothed to find a place on his own, but that's just me.

If you have a moment, please stop by Design Refuge and vote for your favorite space.  If it's not mine, no big deal, I'll just come and kill you in your sleep.



  1. I loved the pic at once. You have a great blogg, so keep up the good work. I woted for you, sweety

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  3. I LOVE your contribution! ... which made me very curious about your blog and here I am ;-)

  4. Thanks to each you for your support! I look forward to looking at all your blogs on this lazy Saturday! xoxo!1