Peter Som x Made in Kind

Hello loves!  I have officially come out of hibernation since the sun is shining here in Texas, thank you sweet baby Jesus!  I took full advantage of the warmer temperatures yesterday and had fun with some spring outfits that I have been dying to photograph.  We had an extended three day weekend plus a couple more days due to the Valentine's eve wedding of some close friends here in Dallas.  Man, did I wear a fun dress to that event.  Stay tuned for an upcoming post!

I hate to admit this, but I don't really shop at Anthropologie.  I think I have this made up idea of what it is in my head and it always prevents me from walking in.  Granny chic meets flower child meets dowdy is what I have felt in the past, even though I am proven by some of my fellow bloggers time and time again that I am dead wrong.  My iPhone pooped out on me (more on that story later) so I was at the Apple store, which happens to be in the mall right next to Anthro.  I was feeling especially crazy and didn't want to buy anything so I played it safe and walked in.  Boy, were my preconceived notions totally wrong!  I was met not only with a major s.a.l.e. (y'all know it takes an act of Congress to get me in anything full price) but the biggest selection of high waisted dresses and skirts, which are most definitely in my comfort zone.  I was in heaven!  I walked out of there with frocks of sequins, lace, stripes, appliqué, you name it.  

One of my absolute favorite purchases was this Peter Som x Made in Kind dress that is going to be perfect for one of the 10,000 weddings, showers, or engagement parties that are in my future. I mixed it up a bit with a leather jacket, just to give another look that wasn't so super girly.  It fits like a glove and it has pockets y'all.  Sometimes I feel like I would still buy the ugliest dress on the planet if it had pockets.  

Dress : Peter Som for Made in Kind via Anthropologie | Jacket : Forever 21 (now $12!!) | Bag : Fendi
Heels : Jessica Simpson | Bracelets : David Yurman, Stella & Dot, Ann Taylor


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