Have You Seen My Baseball?

What a great movie that was, seriously.  Magda was always my very favorite character with her hot pink lipstick and fabulous tan.  I'm not sure what that has to do with anything, but whenever I hear the word baseball, I immediately think of sweet Warren and not the Texas Rangers.  Anywho, I've really turned into a beanie type of gal this year.  I've always loved a good hat, but have never been one to sport a beanie.  Maybe it's the fact that my ears will fall off in this weather without one, but I am totally diggin' the look lately.  I have also been patiently waiting for a good pair of faux leather pants to come across my path and these were just what I needed.  I have big legs and a big bootie, and I like to sit with my legs curled up underneath me at all times.  These are characteristics that just don't take kindly to leather pants.  I don't think I could invest in a real pair because they would stretch out like my leather pencil skirt and that would be a death sentence, friends.  These are leather on the front and business in the back, kind of like a reverse mullet.

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Pants : J.Crew Factory Leather Panel Gigi | Sweater : J.Crew Factory | Jacket : Zara | Shoes : Converse 
Bag : Alexander Wang | Beanie : Unknown | Necklace : Benevolent Jewels


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  1. Loving the leather with tennis shoes! I've got that on my blog today!...also that coat is so fabulous! It's such an interesting piece. Cannot wait to hang out soon!