The Next Episode

Continuing on with the Target Binge 2013 theme, I wanted to show you guys this super cute dress that I picked up on my bender.  It's about an inch longer that I would like for it to be, but at $27, I felt like it was made well enough for me to rationalize the cost of tailoring.  I do wish I had some neon pumps to accessorize with but I made do with the belt.  

Speaking of Target, did any of you join in the rat race for the 3.1 Phillip Lim Capsule Collection?  We went out of town for the Texas A&M - Alabama game, so we didn't get home until early this afternoon, but after my nap I ran over to my local store to see what they had.  I've not had great luck with the fit of previous capsule collections, but I did try on a few items that I absolutely loved.  I only purchased two items because the sizes were limited, but I'm pretty excited about them.  The only pieces that I really wanted to see were the bags, but one of the employees told me they were long gone early in the morning.  I looked online and saw that they are in stock at the Target by my office, so I guess I have plans for lunch tomorrow!

Bracelets: J.Crew, Stella & Dot, F21



  1. Beautiful stripes! So flattering. And of course you have to show off that ring. ;) The best accessory!!

    1. thank you, my love! I couldn't decide if it was too long or not!