A Change of Scenery

I'm sure you guys are beyond devastated that I didn't take pics in my back yard, but I'm trying to mix things up a bit, be adventurous, get a little cray!  Hopefully you'll enjoy it from here on out.  I had the pleasure of doing a styling session at Ann Taylor in the Southlake Town Square a couple days ago, so this is where I snapped these pics.  I'm getting used to this blog game and I was even nervous twirling around like a Disney princess in front of random strangers. Score!

So, lets talk about this dress because I had so many compliments on it.  Can anyone guess where it's from?  Kate Spade? Wrong!  J.Crew? Lilly? Wrong again!  I got this sweet little number at F21 a couple months ago and I absolutely adore it.  The fabric is thick and it's even lined.  I love how the back dips and even though this isn't the best sleeve cut for my body, I love the higher neck and all the pleating in the front. So cute!

We flew into Atlanta yesterday and will be here until Sunday morning.  My best friend is getting married on Saturday evening and I am so excited!  We came in early just so we could relax for a bit and today I plan to visit some boutiques.  Have you guys seen this show on Style called Pretty Wicked Moms?  Well, my Texas bestie and I are pretty obsessed with one of the gals on that show, Emily, who owns a boutique here called Swank, so that is definitely on my list.  We conveniently booked a hotel room that is within walking distance.  Bless my poor, sweet fiance's heart.  Look for some fun dressing room pics on Instagram because I didn't bring anything to wear!

Belt: Xhilaration Bombe Neon Belt in fuchsia
Bag: Louis Vuitton Monogram Idylle Speedy 30 Mini Lin (retired)

Happy Friday Loves,