Minnie Mouse

Remember when I obsessed about the J.Crew Big Shot Polka Dot dress here?  I've literally worn it about 17 times since I bought it two weeks ago, but I don't care.  I feel like a super fabulous Minnie Mouse.  I don't think I've ever had a dress fit me so perfectly off the rack.

After Mother's Day Tea at the Adolphus in Downtown Dallas (a wonderful experience, by the way, if you've never had a proper tea), we stopped by my soon-to-be new hood.  There's a gorgeous park with wildflowers and a creek and the perfect photo op!  I can't wait to move in and completely weird out a new group of neighbors with my tripod and crazy outfits.

Dress: J.Crew
Belt: Vintage Versace
Bag: Valentino
Glasses: Ann Taylor (not yet avail. online but in store)
Bracelets: vintage Hermes, Kate Spade, J.Crew
Ring: YSL Arty


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  1. So chic and girly!! Love the red belt! It's a nice touch! Thank you for you sweet comment!