Color Consultation

Megan Stroup is the brains behind Semi-Charmed Kind of Life, a blog focusing on traveling, reading, and living a well rounded life.  When I say brains, take that literally, because this chick is way smart.  Brilliant even.  Definitely check out her blog because she has some really interesting discussions, amazing travel destinations, and you will probably earn a few IQ points just for reading it.

For this week's Color Consultation, Megan kind of stumped me with a super cute yellow skirt from The Limited.  She got it a few months ago, so you may find it on the sale rack, but as of now, it's not available online.  Anywho, Megan specifically requested no denim and no stripes, because, well, she's no dummy after all and has those two bases covered.  I came up with three smart looks, derived from different price points, trends, color combos, and occasions.  Some things I went a little overboard on (a $2400 peplum top from McQueen isn't terribly practical) but I simply wanted to show what the shape looked like with the skirt.  As a good rule of thumb, always wear opposites on the top and bottom.  If you are going to wear a beautiful, flowy, chiffon blouse on top, stick with a skinny jean or tailored trouser.  Just the same, a billowy maxi skirt looks best with a simple and snug tee or tank.  It's all about proportions and giving the illusion of a perfectly balanced figure.

A pencil skirt can be a tricky thing depending on your body type.  I love the way a pencil skirt looks; sexy, sophisticated, and perfectly tailored.  It can, however, easily go wrong if it's simply not any of these three things.  Fit is so important.  Make sure it's not too tight, even if you have to go up a size.  If you see lines going across your thighs because the fabric is bunching up, it's too tight.  So sorry.  If you walk around in a pencil skirt for three minutes and you look down to see a mini skirt.  Guess what?  It's too tight!  If you can distinctly notice the seam in the skirt through the fabric, yep, it's too tight.  I have a bigger butt and thighs and a smaller waist, so no matter how great a pencil skirt may seemingly fit, it needs to be tailored.  If the waist is too big on you, have it taken in, because before you know it, the slit in the back will have swung around without you noticing and your Britney will be on display for everyone to see.  We don't need that.  The Limited, where Megan purchased her skirt, is actually where I have purchased most of my pencil skirts.  They have a wide array of styles, colors, and do a great job of adding architectural elements to keep the garnet interesting and flattering to all body types (think seaming, ruffles, fabrics, etc.)

So, without further adieu, here are my looks for sweet, smart, stylish Megan!

Sunglasses - Asos
Bangle - Anthro
Watch - Kate Spade
Heels - Asos
Top - Equipment
Necklace - Bauble Bar

Ring YSL
Earrings Kate Spade
Bag  Lanvin
Nail Polish Essie
Bracelet Priviledged
Earrings - Pink Mascara
Flats - Vince Camuto
Bag - Kate Spade
Bracelet - Jessica Elliot
Watch - Toywatch
Necklace - Lydell NYC
Top - Anthro

I am hoping to make this a weekly feature, so if anyone has a piece that they are looking for a little inspo on, please feel free to comment or email me at workday weekend@gmail.com.



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  1. Wow, these are great! I especially love the coral pieces in the third outfit. And thanks for the sweet introduction; you make me sound much more interesting than I actually am! Haha. Much appreciated! I will definitely use this post as inspiration as I look for some new pieces. :)