First Day of Work

Yep, it's the first day of work and I'm up at 5:30 a.m. to make sure that #1: there is no possible way I can be late, and #2: I have an extra hour added to my primp time so as to look extra amazing.  I've taken the past three days and devoted them to selfishness gaining back my girl gene.  When I say I took the last couple months off, I really took the last couple months off.  No working out, shopping, primping, makeup, nada, zilch, nothing.  So, Thursday I got a mani/pedi, Friday I got my hair did and got a massage, and Saturday I got my brows waxed and got a facial.  My skin also decided to freak out last week, so I maxed out my Neiman's on skin care products.  Oh well, that's what the job is for right?  :)

Wish me luck today.  Hopefully I won't need to read Kelly Cutrone's book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside.  I'll let you know how it goes!



  1. Good luck with work, I just found your blog! I love reading about your house projects as my husband and I just moved into our first house! What skincare products did you buy at neimens, I am on the hunt for new stuff.

  2. Thanks Mrs. Wife :) I have been such a blog loser for the past couple weeks, but I just visited your blog and you made me not feel so terrible since you've been busy too! Have fun in Florida! We just got back a couple weeks ago and it was so relaxing. Where in TX are you guys?

    I ended up buying all Estee Lauder products. I've always held the thought the Estee was for old ladies, but they have recently revamped their skincare line and I am super impressed. My skin has never looked better and I've only been using it for two weeks now. I got the Hydrationist Moisturizer, Night Repair (night serum), Idealist (skin perfector for day), and their eye cream.

    I had some kind of horrible rash on my face and neck from the crepe myrtles and after using the night serum for a couple days, it was completely gone. I have super sensitive skin too.

    Lets keep in touch!

  3. Hey Sarah!

    Thanks for tips about Estee, I would have never though to use their stuff. I will have to try that serum out.

    I know I have not been posting at all! I feel horrible. We just moved to Allen a month ago from Dallas. I saw that you live in Texas. Where at do you all live?

    I can't wait to see the remodel on your moms house! My mom is a decorator and she just bought a house in seaside, Fl and completely renovated. I will have to post pics! You are so lucky you live so close to your mom!

  4. We're neighbors! I live in McKinney! Small blogosphere :)