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My latest inspiration, and she has been for some time now, has been Olivia Palermo.  I know she is portrayed as the bitchiest bitch of all the bitches on The City, but she looks sooooooo expensive and chic all the time.  The great thing about Olivia's style is that it's the perfect mix of high and low.  She pairs Zara heels with a Rolex Daytona, or a Birkin with an Urban Outfitters peacoat.  Every single time she steps out, her makeup and hair are flawless.  If I could keep my attitude and jump into her body (and closet!) I would do it in a heartbeat.

Lucky for me, Vogue UK loves Miss Palermo's style as much as I do.  Olivia shows her daily wardrobe in a blog series from April entitled "Today I'm Wearing".  It's like a fashion roadmap for me!  Dress by numbers...

Below is a an easier way for me to look at pics, so I don't have to scan the web for my faves each morning a collection of my favorite looks :)

Her stylists unexpected use of color is so fantastic, especially with the little pops of yellow.  I totally dig the oxfords, although after trying on 9000 pairs, am convinced that one's legs need to be as thin as hers, or you need to be 6 ft. tall to look good in them. 

I think I need to go shopping...

All photos are from Vogue UK and this fabulous blog!

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  1. I work the 9-5 (Actually a 7:30 to 6:00 but with the overtime pay I'm not complaining) so as a thrifty creative female I'm always on the prowl for cheap wardrobe ideas and trying to feel inspired to make yet another outfit every day. (2 years of the office gig straight, I admit I'm in a rut). Keep posting your inspirations to help me out. I choose my outfit (shoes, purse, everything) the night BEFORE I wake up for work so I can sleep in 'til 6:09. I'm not coherent enough in the morning to pick an outfit.