Today was a good day...

How appropriate that on the day of the Gossip Girl season finale, Chace Crawford decides to grace me with his presence at the gym.  He even brought his sister's boyfriend, Tony Romo.  Here is how is went down:

Wait, look at these first...  YUM

Good Lord in Heaven look at him!!

Trainer:  Wow!  Tony Romo just walked in!
Me:  Who cares?  Is Chace with him? (We're on a first name basis)
Trainer:  Yes, Chace is with him.
Me:  Awesome...

We proceed to work out for a bit.  Chace comes to shake my trainer's hand and say hello.  I am perched atop Jacob's Ladder, the bane of my existence, which is basically a cardio machine in which my ass bobs up and down in the air for several minutes. I am sweating like a pig, red faced, and having trouble catching my breath... because I'm out of shape.  And because he is so friggin' hot.  His Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model girlfriend has nothing on me.  Bitch!

This is not me.  Clearly, I would never wear those shoes... or biker shorts... or socks that length...

Me:  Can I do curls or something since he's in here?  My arms are looking pretty good.
Trainer:  Squats!!!
Me:  Okay, but I get to stay in front of the mirror so I can stare at him without being obvious! 

He is seriously hotter in person than on television.  I have been a devout GG viewer since the first episode, no matter how ridiculous it gets, I will not stop watching as long as Nate is on the screen. I also have a girl crush on Blake Lively, but that is another post....

Yes, the table was delivered.  It's beautiful, but this post took precedence.  Pics tomorrow :)

- sarah

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