Downtown Chic

I'm one of those Texans who gets quite perturbed when outsiders portray my great state with cows, boots, and spurs.  Every single time American Idol has tryouts anywhere in Texas, they always start out with a vignette of the Ft. Worth Stockyards or a pasture, although they may be in the middle of Dallas or Houston.  Dallas, in particular is a beautiful city, full of exuberant Southern style.  Today, I was browsing D Magazine and came across a mesmerizing article on Kirby and Kari Schlegel.  The Schlegels are Dallas' very own family dynasty and Kirby and Kari's penthouse at the W Hotel downtown is a work of art.  Designed by Jan Showers, a Dallas-based genius of all that is glamorous and beautiful, it makes me long for my sassy downtown apartment....


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