Back to Life

She's alive!  She's alive!!!!!  My MacBook, after two weeks in the Apple Hospital of Horrors has been resuscitated and is back beneath my fingers.  I took her with me on a business trip to Lake Tahoe in hopes of blogging and catching up on Downton Abbey and she wouldn't turn on.  At all.  No humming or lighting up.  No signs of life.  Panic at the disco, y'all!  Ends up that the whole motherboard had to be replaced!  As soon as the Apple guy said that, my mind went straight to the place it always goes - a SATC episode.  Remember when Carrie's Mac died?  Devastating. The great thing is that since these dang things are so expensive in the first place, no matter what the repair is, there is a flat rate fee of $280.  If my windows laptop or PC had this problem, I probably would be stuck buying a whole new device, so I guess it could be worse, right?
Enough about that drama, how was y'all's weekend?  My last two have been pretty decent because #1 - I did not travel, and #2 - there was no excessive football celebration causing a Sunday hangover.  Instead, we were extremely productive and had friends and family over for a barbeque.  I also got to catch up on season 2 of Scandal on Netflix.  Let me just say that this show is so freakin' good.  I love politics, so I love a good political drama, and on top of a great storyline, everyone is extremely well dressed.  Kerry Washington is one of the most beautiful women on the planet and they dress her impeccably from head to toe.  It's kind of the way I would want to dress if I were in a position that was super professional and high profile, but I'm not, so I get to have people stare at my mismatched patterns and bright colors every day instead.  Besides that, we are in the process of renovating two homes for sale and we ran all over kingdom come getting the finishing touches for the house.  I'll post some before and after pics as soon as it's 100% complete.

So, let's chat about this outfit right quick.  First off, if you don't have a jeweled sweatshirt, let's go ahead and knock that out right now.  I mean, a sweatshirt that you can wear to work or while you are sitting in bed during a Scandal marathon?  C'mon.  I may or may not have done both, but I wanted you to be aware of your options.  Next off, chunky heels.  I have really agonized over this one for a couple months now.  With my body shape, especially my lower body shape, I just didn't know if I could do a chunky heel.  I felt like it made my legs look even thicker and I ain't that proud of what I'm workin' to highlight it even more.  I was in J.Crew doing my usual price adjustments during the sale, and I saw these sweet heels that are basically the tall version of my patent bow flats.  They are super comfy and the best part is that they were $25.  Sold!  And these camo pants, well, I had a different pair last year and they are a little snug, so I bought a less expensive pair that I could stuff my arse in this fall instead.  Story of my life.
Enjoy your week!!


Sweatshirt: Factory Beaded Sweatshirt, love this and this, too!
Pants: F21 Camo Skinny Jeans, other options here and here
Bracelets: J.Crew Classic Pave' Link (this color is on sale, love it!), Stella and Dot Renegade Cluster, Humble Chic NY Spike Bracelet



  1. Seriously, your style is the CUTEST. LOVE your shoes!


  2. Thanks, Grace!! I got a ton of crazy looks at the office from this outfit, but hey! That's half the fun :)