Braided Belt

I got a wild hair up my arse yesterday and decided that I needed a multicolored belt, so instead of running to the mall like a fool, I decided on what may be the easiest DIY in history.  I took my three go-to skinny belts, braided them together, and voila!  I thought it looked pretty sweet.

I needed a new white dress since my steady F21 eyelet dress finally bit the bucket after years of neglect and spray tans.  I chose this one from J.Crew and wanted to make a few notes in case you were in the market for a LWD.  The eyelet material isn't thick to the point where it won't wrinkle (obviously) so know that going in.  I had it on for a couple hours and it was definitely a big wrinkled mess, hence the reason why I didn't do any full length pics in this post.  On the other hand, the light material is great for the humid Texas heat we are experiencing right now.  All in all, it's a keeper for me since it's conservative enough to wear to work.  

I am absolutely in love with this eyelet dress from Target.  How amazing is the back. It's on it's way to me as we speak and I pray that it fits!

Have y'all seen any LWD's that you're loving?

Dress: J.Crew
Belts: Target (pink & yellow) Ann Taylor (blue calf hair)
Bracelets: Ann Taylor, J.Crew, Kate Spade, vintage Hermes
Ring: YSL
Earrings: J.Crew Factory

All photos by my boo!



  1. That Target eyelet dress is adorable! And I love, love your braided belts!

  2. That's actually an awesome idea I haven't seen yet - just pinned it! It's an adorable dress even if it is a wrinkle mess by the end of the day! You look fab! xx, Allie

  3. Braided belt idea is pure genius! I have several and can't wait to try it!

    You look lovely - as usual.

  4. The belts look great braided together like that! What a smart idea. I love how the neon pops against the white, too.

  5. Great idea! I love the pops of colour against the white dress and as always, your hair looks fabulous....why can't I get mine to do that?! :-)

    V x

    1. I have the straightest, stringiest hair and until I found the Remington T-Studio Pearl Curling Wand, it wouldn't hold the curl. I love it!!! I bought the smaller one at first because I didn't think my hair would hold the curl, but it was too tight, so I traded for the bigger one. It doesn't burn my hair and it lasts through day 2 with some dry shampoo.