Blogs and clogs

Gosh, I'm clever with that post title aren't I?

I got really lucky today... I've been lusting after these Via Spiga clogs that I found at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago:

And of course, they are nowhere in my size, in the entire country!  Plus, I refuse to pay full price for a trend that will be dunzo before I even put together an outfit and stomp around town in it.  Flash forward to today.  I decided to reward myself for putting in a full days work with a trip across the street to Ross, just on the off chance that I might find something cheap that I simply couldn't live without.  Turns out there were six things I couldn't live without, three pairs to be exact, two that relate to this post.

So, two pairs are little overkill for something that is "so ugly that they're cute" but they were $24.99 a pair, and I just couldn't resist.  And I had a $25 store credit from whoknowswhatm which made it perfectly logical.  I guess I can thank Mr. Lagerfeld for that...

And finally, my biggest inspirations come from my favorite style blogs:

I'll let you know how my latest trend slaving goes...



  1. You inspired me to hit up Ross today!! $90 bucks later I bought some pretty sweet stuff... including a pair of black Guess Davisa sandals...super cute :) Thanks!!

  2. You should have gotten A LOT of 90 bucks T Lowe! I just looked those sandals up and they are hot! They come in pewter too :) Thanks for stopping by!